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Sefa Kitchen


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in Bondi, located on Bondi Road, serves innovative and very delicious food influenced by the Ancient Levantine region, incorporating flavours from Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Syria. The use of legumes, dairy, grains, spices and different cooking techniques, along with a focus on seasonal produce, give the meals their delectable taste.

The food is best shared and meze dining is very popular. The food is so nice that you want to sample as many dishes as possible! The clay meze plates are handmade by Utku Ayhan, the owner of Sefa. The restaurant hosts some wonderful events, so it's worth checking their website for upcoming special occasions. It's also a unique space to host your own event. See group bookings.

The restaurant has a cosy interior with exposed brick walls and soft bright cushions for that extra comfort. Outdoor dining is also available - perfect on a warm summer's evening.

What I like about is its focus on sustainability. They grow many of the herbs used in their cooking and have a worm farm and compost bin to reduce waste and to use on the garden beds. The menu changes frequently depending on what is locally available and in season. It's good to return to seasonal cooking whilst supporting local producers. There is a small menu, taking into consideration seasonality but also making it easier to choose and try dishes.

I tried the garden fattoush salad - so fresh, grilled halloumi, burnt honey & spiced walnuts, citrus chicken, spanakopita and manoush bread with hummus - all of these meals mixed so well together with a burst of flavour from every bite. There is a variety of very tasty vegetable dishes to choose from, which accomodates those who are vegetarian.

The menu changes regularly due to the seasonality of the food, which I think is a good thing, giving variety. When you take your seat at your table, you may be surprised by the plates that are set on the table. It brought a smile to my face and you may find yourself (like I did) saying, "oh wow" or "this is interesting". I wonder what your take will be.

is fully licensed and you can BYO (wine only) Monday – Wednesday for a $10 corkage and bookings are taken online - book here .

Open for lunch and dinner, this restaurant is worth a visit!

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