Is There Really a Secret to Happiness

Is There Really a Secret to Happiness


Posted 2013-02-15 by Sarah. Cfollow

Is happiness only reserved for the rich, the famous, the healthy, the beautiful or the oh so very aristocratic families of the world?

I think not!

So then, why are people so often caught up in this pursuit of happiness; always in such a screaming hurry to spend all their dollars on the next new techno device, book or product that promises its spells of joy and pleasure?

People complain of their heart's discontent and their imbalanced, work-centred lives. So I pose this pressing question; what is the secret to true happiness? Is there really a so-called notion of a mysteriously undisclosed secret?

And no, being well-off financially, having all the fame or looks in the world does not equate eventual bliss. In fact, it's quite the other way around.

It is those who take a second to stop to smell the flowers.

It is those who wait who discover the true meaning of happiness.

Those who appreciate the little things – the sounds, the sights, the colours, the diversity.

Those who take everything in their stride no matter the circumstances.

The sort of person that not only hears but listens, that not only looks but sees.

The secret, you ask. What secret? There is no secret fleeting below the surface! Happiness is for everybody. It is free of cost. But it is invisible which is why only a minority have discovered its magic and others will forever be on an endless search. Open your eyes and ears and you will be ready to embrace it in all its forms of beauty – be it loud and open, silent and peaceful, in nature or in people, in actions or in words. Either way it is among us; always waiting by on the sidelines ready for the eager to take a giant leap of faith to grab life's missing ingredient.

The ball is in your court when it comes to that little something that's gone astray. Happiness is like an unopened gift. So take the time to open the door to it. I assure you, it won't be a disappointing surprise!

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