Secondhand Bookshops in Buderim

Secondhand Bookshops in Buderim


Posted 2012-10-15 by Wayne Blackfollow
Buderim is one of the Sunshine Coast's original settlements. In the CBD, you'll find three secondhand bookstores within a stone's throw of each other.

Two have their 'pre-loved' treasures in the usual genre sections: picture books, thrillers, historical romances, Australiana, spirituality, arts and crafts, et all! The third has a smaller range of genres, due an antiquarian collection intention.

The shops differ in floor-space, configuration, book quantity and quality. Happily, one of Buderim's 'cafe culture' destinations is close by each. So, in alphabetical order ...

Badger Books

This shop nestles on the sidewalk of Buderim's Burnett Street, No. 53. It has an unpretentious, narrow shopfront, beyond which it stretches backwards down a couple of book-walled aisles, either side of high 'island' stands, to its back walls. It's a clever arrangement: fits a good quantity of stock in a narrow floor-space, but still gives browsing room. You feel cloistered in a section of a much larger building.

You'll find signage and neatness makes navigation easy. Start at the front and work your way down and up the aisles. Mr Badger (hence the name of the shop) has a particular interest in stocking the Art section, and in having books in good condition.

Badger Books may be small and quiet, but it packs a wallop above its weight.

Buderim Book Ends

At the far end of the Avocado Arcade, 65 Burnett Street (next to the traffic lights), you'll find a hide-away book-nook. Outside, there are a couple of tables with boxes with the bargains, and inside is a mini-maze of freestanding bookcases making aisles that lead off to an unobvious back area. The 'maze' configuration packs in a good quantity of stock, and helps define genre areas.

The shelves display neatly a good range of genres and popular authors. Military History and New Age works are well represented.

For the most, stock is in good condition; but, of course, along with the 'near new', you'll find the 'worn' - depends on what you're seeking and the genre you're in. Buderim Book Ends, not obvious from the street but for its flag and signs, is worth finding.

Buderim Rare Books

The name says it all. This is an antiquarian bookstore, stocked with books that are, as proprietor Fiona says, "rare and interesting", in original or reprint. So, in this shop, you'll see both the 'new' and the 'worn'. Catch-cry: 'hard-to-get' or 'special interest'. Unlike many bookshops, Buderim Rare Books is practically all clear floorspace and spacious. Its stock is held neatly in floor-to-ceiling wall-cases, evocative of a Federation-style reading room in a manor house, complete with a large three-seater couch for 'guests'.

"We're not too precious to ignore popular, contemporary works", says Fiona, "but our antiquarian interest has built good Australiana, Maritime History and Children's collections". It's a perspective that creates an 'all sorts' library.

Buderim Rare Books is at 61 Burnett Street. For a preview, click here . Is Buderim Rare Books a 'secondhand bookshop'? Moot point; but it sure has some interesting reads.

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