Sean Diao: Laugh Or China Releases A New Virus - MICF 2023

Sean Diao: Laugh Or China Releases A New Virus - MICF 2023


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Tue 04 Apr 2023 - Sun 23 Apr 2023

Sean Diao presents Laugh or China Releases a New Virus on now at Club Voltaire in the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Book your tickets here

There's something endearing about Sean Diao's dry self-effacing humour. Under the quirky glasses and yellow jumper is a simple guy with a continual smile on his face, waiting for the Club Voltaire audience to laugh.

Sean makes a joke about North Korea and his resemblance to Kim Jun Un on his festival poster and the audience relaxes with a nervous giggle. After a pandemic caused by a bat in a Chinese laboratory – what does this guy have to say to a Melbourne audience?

Humour is a complex beast. It plays with our minds and forces us to leave our comfort zone. A joke that is funny in one culture or language, may be offensive in another.

Humour is an 'art' which requires observation of the subtleties and nuances of human behaviour and culture. Sean has observed a lot of interesting things since he came to Australia nine years ago. He knows his spoken English is not great, but this makes his observations of the irregularities and paradoxes in human nature funny and endearing.

Or is it his charts showing the correlation between texts and sex?

But for Sean, some things in Melbourne are just not logical.Why do Melburnians constantly rave on about coffee? It's a sensitive subject for sure but Sean is not afraid to go there with a huge smile on his face.Why do girls try and catfish guys on dating apps?

Using a mix of family stories and anecdotes from everyday life, Sean educates the audience his dark, deadpan, self-effacing humour backed up by a PowerPoint presentation. The audience gives him this liberty as Sean is a civil engineer and a comedian by night – another paradox to add to his cache.

One to watch. Catch him if you can.

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