Sea Gypsy Village Resort

Sea Gypsy Village Resort


Posted 2013-11-28 by Iman Ridzuanfollow

I went to this place last year, in 2012, so I think some stuff may have changed.

The place is in Pulau Sibu, Johor, so my parents decided that we would stay a night in Johor first. We stayed at some hotel that I was sure was haunted, because I could feel things breathing down my neck, so I suggest that you stay at Thistle if you want to spend a night in Johor.

After a night in Johor, the Sea Gypsy sent a driver to pick us up and drive us to the jetty, since the road there is confusing and not known to many. I suggest you request for this also, since I don't think that driving to the jetty on your own is a good idea.

The journey to the jetty itself took an hour, and when we got there, there was a jetty that was specifically used to send guests of the Sea Gypsy Resort to the island. The boat took around 20 minutes to get to the island, and I loved the boat ride.

We got on to the island and the moment my bare toes reached the grains of the sand, it felt like stepping onto a pile of finely granulated sugar. The sand was so white and so fine!

We got the keys to our family chalet, and I have to say that it was a pretty basic room. It had a fan, lights, a queen bed, two bunk beds and each bed had 2 types of pillows, hard and soft. It also had an ensuite bathroom, meaning, this bathroom connects the master bedroom and the other room together, so its a shared bathroom. It's very clean, but of course you get the occasional insects.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the Cafe Hut, and the food is served in a buffet. There's really good food, I swear I ate so much! There was never not enough because they made so much food, it was enough to go round again later for lunch or dinner! There are specific times for meals, so make sure you come at the allocated times, because they don't serve food after the time is up. Do bring an umbrella because it tends to rain a lot.

The mornings are quite chilly (sweater weather!) and the sunrise is breathtaking; I woke up every morning to see it happen. Mornings are really nice for a jog or a walk because most people aren't up yet, but it's a bit too early for a swim.

There are no landlines there, so you can't call or Instagram a picture of your breakfast from there. Spending quality time becomes a necessity there, you've got nothing else to do but that. I honestly liked it, for once I wasn't preoccupied with Whatsapps and the constant update of meal pictures.

The rubbish all becomes compost and you have to empty your own rubbish. You have to take your bag of rubbish and bring it to the central Dumpster, but really that's it . Room service comes every 2 days, but it's best to try to keep things neat on your own too.

The scuba diving and island hopping happens according to schedule, so do check with the people there about the timing so you can join it. I highly recommend it; it's really fun and the water is clear so you can really see everything, from the corals right to the little anchovy-like fish. Go kayaking too.

They also provide board games at the cafe hut and sell sunscreen and lotion.

As a whole, I really liked the place, I had a blast there, but if I were to stay there for more than 7 days, I would probably lose my sanity. I can't help it, there's only so much you can do on an island without an internet connection!

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