Seabiscuit - Film Review

Seabiscuit - Film Review


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Here is another modern-day classic movie for your collection. A surprising film set during the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939, it outlines the adventures of a racehorse and 3 battlers who made history against all odds, and inspired the people of the America. It is a heart warming, dramatic and entertaining movie, and a fine insight into the rise of a racehorse, jockey, trainer and owner.[BREAK]

Those of you who love the amicable, easy going character playing modern-day Spiderman, will admire Toby Maguire in his performance. Playing a fiery natured jockey, half lovingly helped, half abandoned by his parents, they find him his dream entry into the challenging, and cut throat world of horse racing in the 1930's. Johnny 'Red' Pollard was a jockey with a flagging racing career, and a part-time illegal boxer.[BREAK]

Seabiscuit's trainer, Tom Smith (played by Chris Cooper), is another social outcast, a cowboy watching his world being consumed by progress. You may call him 'horse whisperer' or gifted horse-handler; he lead the life of a drifter until being swept along destinies path. He sees the fighting spirit in Red and Seabiscuit, and convinces Charles they would make a spirited team.[BREAK]

Charles Howard, was an enterprising businessman who faced despair after losing his son, and consequently his wife. He succeeded in business but not in his heart. Played by Jeff Bridges, who assumes the role with ease, and convincingly portrays the inventive entrepreneur. Charles employs Tom Smith for his gifted horse skills, again displaying his eye for opportunity and nature of bringing things together for sucess.[BREAK]
Elizabeth Banks has filled a number of roles as a beautiful and effervescent lady, who captures hearts and stands on her own merits. Here, she portrays Marcela Howard and picks up the pieces for Charles Howard, and rekindles his spirit as he grows into the combined destiny. Of course they wed and live the dream together.[BREAK]
The chance meeting of 3 broken people and a broken horse, who drive each other to stardom will enthral. Against the odds, they grow and win and learn from failure too, eventually to face the greatest test and match-race of all time. Just when you think it is Goliath's great fall, you are left wondering who you should have called Goliath.[BREAK]

If you look at the award list, you will see why the movie was such a success, and of course this is evident when viewing. The movie had an 83 million USD budget and grossed around $148 million USD at the Box Office. Click here here for full information.[BREAK]

Every movie has signature lines that we all think of and like to recite, and in the case of Seabiscuit, these include, "…you don't throw a whole life away because it's a little banged up." Quoted by Tom, because his nature to keep a horse with a broken leg prevented the cruel shooting of the defunct race horse, and it was repeated back to him by Charles in defence of the partially blind Red.

And Red recaps the story saying, "You know, everyone thinks that we found this broken down horse and fixed him, but we didn't - he fixed us…every one of us. And I guess in a way, we kinda fixed each other, too."The infectious humour and anecdotes with make you laugh and smile, and the drama will make you cringe, and cry for those at the brunt of it.
Whether you hire the movie, or find it at Amazon , it is a realistic insight and real-life drama, and you will be truly torn and uplifted. Find that cold wintery day, crank up the fire and breakout the snack food. It is not a short movie, but it is never slow or lacking, cancel appointments and forget the clock...

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