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Posted 2011-07-17 by Jon Cocksfollow
Has Sydney's dreaded winter made it way too cold for the beach? Definitely not thanks to one of Australia's best back packer nightspots. Featuring Beach Party Wet

Wednesdays at the Scary Canary in the centre of Sydney's Sydney. This party cage is just a two-minute walk down from Town Hall and plays some of the greatest electro tunes of the century.

This club/bar allows you to enjoy the beach atmosphere in your bikini and 'boardies', drinking one of the nicest alcoholic cocktails from an old sand bucket. It's a great way to experience many different cultures and cut back and dance under the neon fluorescent lights, which thankfully even made my winter body seem sexy. S

tand back and make the most of the cheap drinks while enjoying the view of the famous wet T-shirt contest and the infamous wet jock competition. The cues aren't long, the bar staff is top notch and friendly and all though the venue isn't enormous in size, the quality of folk and the amount of fun is definitely worth it. Having a different theme and game every night including karaoke night, Jelly wrestling, strip Olympics and the ever so wrong Gender Bender night where men do the unthinkable and apply the revolting red lipstick and the tight G-String which makes it more of an 'uncomfortable' night more than anything, puts an end to using the dreadful weather as an excuse to stay at home.

There is no entry fee and a standard bucket only cost $10 which includes a shot of Vodka, a shot of Blue Curacao and some mother energy drink and lemonade which is enough to make your tongue shine green. So don't hide away your new summer 'cozzie' amongst the cobwebs of your wardrobe, pull it out, put it on and get down to Scary Canary for a whole heap of fun and games, overwhelming dancing and a large amount of drunken madness.

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