The Scariest Television Commercials Ever: Volume 1

The Scariest Television Commercials Ever: Volume 1


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Throughout our lives, we are bombarded by hundreds, if not thousands of advertisements of all forms, each and ever day. So here is a list of 5 of the scariest television commercials.

5. Suzuki Snowmen Superbowl 2012 Commercial

This would have to be one of the tamest "scary" commercials I have seen in a while, but the snowmen in this commercial could really be terrifying to very young children and I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want them throwing their snowballs at my car!

4. The Goosebumps Grindhouse Commercial

Seen on the Cartoon Network Channel, this commercial was devised to advertise the airing of the ever-popular Goosebumps television series, based on the books of the same name. The series was aired in the lead up to Halloween and the Grindhouse effect used in this commercial actually made the images seem even scarier than they really were in the show itself.

3. The HP dv6t Holiday Commercial

This was an American made commercial, advertising how HP's dv6t delivers such lifelike sound and picture quality, that you too, could think that there is a freaky ghost-like zombie girl loose in your house!

2. The Banned Stihl "Easy 2 Start" Chainsaw Commercial

This was an Australian made television commercial, which was made in the 90's and banned on television, not too long after. It was a scary, funny and extremely clever commercial, which was clearly influenced heavily by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series of films.

1. The K-fee "You've Never Been So Awake" series of commercials

Evidently K-fee is some kind of German energy drink and its commercials have been in circulation on the internet for a number of years now. Although I don't know too much about this product, its commercials sure made me jump the first time someone emailed me one of these "freak out worthy" videos… If you have a heart condition or there are young children around; PLEASE DO NOT WATCH! You have been warned!

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