Scarborough Boat Harbour

Scarborough Boat Harbour


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My friend was visiting from up north I wanted to show her around Scarborough at sunset, as in my opinion, it is the prettiest place to watch the sun go down.

As I drove my friend along the water, I pointed out the mountain skyline behind the flat, sparkling bay- Bribie, Moreton, The Glasshouse peaks. Joggers scattered the pavements and children wearing sun hats and smiles raced past happily.

As we turned down the busy marina, I watched as girls dressed in formal wear, heels and perfect make up skip across the road hand in hand, bouncing into Morgans Seafood to a private function. A shiny limosine was parked outside the gorgeous Sunset Blue function centre, as a pretty bride walked up the stairs, turning back to smile at flashing cameras. Seagulls hovered above the boats, lorikeets swooped between the canopy of trees, the aroma of nearby barbeques on patios of the stunning homes lining the marina wafted in through our air con vents and it was all, a hop, skip and a jump from home.

I decided to take her for a walk to see the boats parked in the marina . By this time, bright splashes of pink and peach painted the sky. The boat owners cooked their meals on board, you could hear the sizzling of fresh caught seafood as we wandered by.

We ended our Scarborough sunset with a mouth watering, unforgettable seafood meal at the M.B.B.C (Moreton Bay Boat Club). I had the grilled fish served with prawns and my friend ordered the garlic butter Moreton Bay bugs. Both our meals were accompanied by refreshing drinks and a creamy seafood sauce. I admit to moaning and groaning with pleasure with each mouthful.

This weekend, forget the big places. Don't worry about the touristy beaches and packed restaurants. pack a picnic, or grab your bike, even grab your kite and head to Scarborough to watch the sun set. It is a little getaway right here, close to home.

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