Sayong Curry & Laksa

Sayong Curry & Laksa


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If you are after a true authentic spice-infused Malaysian street food, you should look no further than . This place is so well-hidden from the mainstream population, only the true foodies would venture down to this secret food hall to satisfy their weekly laksa cravings.

Sayong Curry and Laksa is discretely located within the Pittsway Arcade Food Court in the heart of the Sydney CBD. You can enter via 303 Pitt Street Sydney or via Woolworths Town Hall, then head down the stairs.

The underground food court offers many delicious options, but as you descent from the stairs, Sayong definitely had the longest queues during lunch time.

This place does not offer restaurant service. Instead, you will find plastic tables and chairs squeaking loudly as the customers excitedly jump up to collect their meal. Yes, Sayong do shout out your orders.

But we love Sayong's no-frill unassuming food store with no fancy decor and no view to speak of, but it certainly makes up for it in terms of flavour. In true Malaysian hawker style, eating here is very budget-friendly. So this is the closest replica to experiencing the true street food culture in Malaysia.

Finding a true authentic afforable Malaysian laksa can be a bit of a challenge but Sayong's larger than life steaming fragrant laksa ticked all boxes for me.

I got the signature chicken laksa with tofu and I was astounded that Sayong only charged $8.50 for an enormous bowl! It was crammed with laksa noodles in a divine creamy coconut milk broth. Sayong even offered optional dollop of samba chill on top. The laksa tasted like it was straight from the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

This is definitely one of the most popular dishes here. When you come here in winter, almost every table will order a bowl of Sayong's steaming hearty laksa!

Now moving onto other traditional favourites that Sayong offers:

Sayong's Penang Fried Koay Teow is one of the best in Sydney I have come across and it certainly delivers that lovely wok char flavour which I cannot replicate at home.

This is the classic dry style of char koay teow and it is getting hard to find that authentic Malaysian taste in Sydney.

The portion I got was equally generous in size compared with the laksa and it was freshly cooked and has a good balance of ingredients. I noticed they added a lot of fish cakes and fish balls, but I would have preferred some Chinese sausage and prawns. Regardless, the noodles was absolutely spot-on and it is my favourite dish!

My Malaysian friend insisted that Sayong's Chicken Rice was simply amazing. Until she pointed out, I did not realise that Sayong's Hainanese Chicken Rice was so popular.

After some wait, my friend received a large portion of steamed chicken in a lovely soy flavoured sauce. The chicken was very soft and moist as we hoped for. The complimentary sweetish chilli paste complemented the chicken so well.

The Hainanese Chicken was served with a bowl of chicken flavoured rice and it was the chicken rice I enjoyed the most.

If you are a lover of chicken and comfort food, you should try this dish, as I doubt you will find another dish that makes you keep on going back for more.

On my Malaysian friend's recommendation, I also tried the Mee Siam, which loosely translate to be 'Siamese spicy rice vermicelli noodles'. Apparently it was one of classic favourite Malaysian dishes.

I was really surprised that Sayong's Mee Siam to be this tasty. The vermicelli tasted fine with assorted seafood and it absorbed all flavours from the crispy eshallots. It was served with a piece of lime to give a nice tangy kick and a dollop of spicy sambal paste on the side. Somehow, Mee Siam reminded me of Pad Thai (perhaps because of the refreshing lime juice).

It was delicious, appetising and I was really pleased with it.

This is a wonderful good-value place that is perfect for that quick mid-week Laksa/chicken rice fix. Winter is coming and is likely to become one of your regular lunch haunts when you are in town.

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