Sandra Bullock Movie Marathon Part 4

Sandra Bullock Movie Marathon Part 4


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Sandrafest 2022 continues with these three very different films.

10. Premonition (2007)

Premonition is a supernatural thriller directed by Mennan Yapo. Sandra Bullock plays Linda Hanson, whose husband, Jim (Australian actor Julian McMahon from Charmed and Nip/Tuck) is killed in a car accident. When she awakes the next morning to find Jim still alive, Linda thinks she dreamed his death, but she comes to realise that she is somehow living the days before and after the accident out of chronological order.

The premise makes for interesting, if at first slightly confusing, viewing. I enjoyed trying to work out why certain things had happened before the chain of events was fully revealed. However, I have a couple of quibbles with this movie (minor spoilers ahead). The first is that there is just no way a funeral home would have left a corpse's head loose in the casket so that it could roll out if the casket was knocked over. Secondly, the priest's explanation about faith was some M. Night Shylaman level nonsense.

All the performances in this movie were excellent, which is probably why I found myself getting so annoyed on Sandra's character's behalf about the way other people in the movie treated her. Overall, this movie was fine, and definitely watchable for Sandra fans.

11. The Net (1995)

Angela Bennett is a reclusive systems analyst who stumbles upon a conspiracy involving a group of cyberterrorists known as the Praetorians. She soon finds that the hackers have digitally erased her life, giving her a new identity with a criminal record, and she must go on the run to try and clear her name.

The Net is a thriller directed by Irwin Winkler. It stars Sandra Bullock as Angela, and Jeremy Northam (of Gosford Park and The Crown) as the too charming to be trusted Jack Devlin.

I went into this movie with low expectations, which probably helped, but I didn't hate it. The technology is hilariously dated and the plot is a little far fetched, but Sandra kicks butt and takes names.

There is a pretty bizarre moment (at 1.09.35) during a chase scene on a carousel when one of the carousel horses apparently growls menacingly at the viewer. What the?! It's oddly out of keeping with the rest of the movie, so maybe it was a little joke on the part of the foley artist.

There is no daggy dance sequence in this one, but there is a brief scene in which Sandra is dressed as a firefighter. I would love to see a movie where she plays one. Can somebody please get on that?

12. All About Steve (2009)

Mary Horowitz is a crossword puzzle writer for a newspaper who lives with her parents and has only a hamster for a friend. Her friends set her up on a blind date with Steve (Bradley Cooper from The Hangover and Guardians of the Galaxy), a handsome TV news cameraman. Mary falls for Steve immediately, and comes on too strong, causing Steve to cut the date short and flee. Before leaving he says that he wishes she could come with him when he travels for his job. Mary takes him literally and begins obsessively pursuing him across the country, encouraged by Steve's coworker, reporter Hartman Hughs (Thomas Haden Church from Wings and Ned and Stacy).

All About Steve is a comedy film directed by Phil Traill. This movie received a lot of negative reviews. It won two Golden Raspberry Awards (or 'Razzies'), including one for Worst Actress, which Sandra graciously accepted in person. I agree it's not a great movie, but personally, I found it enjoyable to watch.

While it isn't stated in the movie, Sandra's character reads as autistic, with her special interests (words and their meanings, trivia, and Steve), excited happy stimming (that's where some of the questionable acting comes in, unfortunately), social awkwardness, and constant wearing of the same pair of bright red knee high boots. While it isn't a perfect portrayal of a neurodivergent woman, there are still so few representations of us on screen that it's refreshing. I especially liked that the happy ending (spoiler, sorry, look away if you don't want to know) wasn't about getting the guy after all, but instead about learning to accept yourself for who you are and finding other people who can do the same. And the boots are cool. I would wear them.

Stand out lines from this movie:
"Now I'm going to eat you like a mountain lion". No wonder he ran.

"Doing a crossword puzzle with a pencil is like screaming with your lips duct taped together. It's weak. If you're going to do a crossword puzzle, you should do it fearlessly and with abandon. And with a pen!" As a fellow crossword puzzle creator I have to agree.

"A bad plan violently executed today is better than a great plan tomorrow!" - Hartman Hughs apparently chanelling Jason Mendoza from The Good Place .

Bonus Sandra Fact: Sandra Bullock was the first person to win a Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress (for All About Steve) and an Oscar for Best Actress (for The Blind Side) in the same year.

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