Sandon Point Boat Sheds

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Posted 2021-02-25 by Hannahfollow

If you are wanting a spot that seems a bit more secluded than the main beaches of Wollongong, this could be the spot for you. With a gorgeous view and a perfect swimming spot, what more could you want?

The Location

To get to this picturesque location, firstly park at the Sandon Point Beach car park. On the weekends, this can get quite packed, however, during the week, getting a spot is easy. Once you're parked, cross the grass to the north and you'll find the entrance to a walkway. Follow these stairs down and at the bottom, you'll see a row of boat sheds to the left. You've made it!

The Boat Sheds

Some, if not all, of the boat sheds, are still in use. This may come as a surprise, as they do not look particularly modern, however, on a sunny day, you quite often see people coming to retrieve paddleboards or small boats from the sheds.

If you come with children, they might quite enjoy a look into the front of the boat sheds. The various boats and accessories you can see in each shed is quite interesting!

If you're just here to relax, often people enjoy using the boat shed ramps to relax on. They border the water and are a lovely alternative to being on the sand.
The Rock Pools

Bordering the water around the boat sheds are multiple rock platforms, filled with little rock pools and interesting finds. For children and adults alike, these pools can be fun to explore, however, make sure you come at low tide. At low tide, the rock platforms are uncovered and the creatures can be fully admired. However, during high tide, the platforms are usually covered with water and not as safe to explore.
[b]The Swimming Area **

Between two of the rock platforms, there is a clear area that is perfect for swimming. It is the access point for little boats, however, during my many times swimming here, I have only once seen a boat enter. This area has a constant gradual slope into the water, making it perfect for young children to play around the edge. Usually, when you remain between the two rock platforms, the water is no deeper than chest height, with minimal waves.

The Appeal

Next time you are wanting to go for a swim, think of the Sandon Point Boat Sheds. Their view of the coast to the north is breathtaking and the peaceful atmosphere is top-notch! I can't recommend it enough.

So if a calm swim is what you are after, this is a gorgeous option!

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