Sam Eaton's The Quantum Eye - Mentalism and Magic Show

Sam Eaton's The Quantum Eye - Mentalism and Magic Show


Posted 2013-03-19 by Cristina Dimenfollow
Neighborhood locals and out-of-towners traveling to Manhattan's East Village can watch numerous shows suitable for patrons of varying ages. When you're in the mood for an evening of thought-provoking entertainment, walk over to Theatre 80, home of Sam Eaton's "The Quantum Eye" , a mental magic show that has been amazing audiences for nearly a decade.

A magician since he was 6 years old, Eaton combined his education in psychology when he began his career as a mentalist 15 years ago. Like other mentalists, Eaton uses an arsenal of strategies or deceptions that he explains "give the appearance of super-normal mental abilities" to captivate his family-friendly audience during all of his performances.

Complementing his mental magic expertise are among the biggest draws to Eaton's performances - his showmanship and humor. He guides the audience through each demonstration via his narration, and through his good nature, he coaxes even those with a hint of stage fright to share the spotlight with him. Soon enough, they're comfortably playing their onstage parts, which highlight Eaton's ability to read his volunteers' minds, and influence them through waking suggestions, con artist techniques and misdirection.

While "The Quantum Eye" is not your average magic show, Eaton does have a white rabbit puppet, named Alfonse, whose paws are perched on the brim of a magician's hat, ready to delight the crowd. He also has a couple of card demonstrations. In one of these demos, he uses mnemonics to determine which of his volunteers has which playing cards. He calls out a card and its suit, and asks a volunteer if he or she has it. During the show my guest & I attended, he was 100% accurate in stating who had each of the 52 cards in the deck, including the joker.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself asking, "How did he do that?" throughout the evening. After all, it's Eaton's hope that "The Quantum Eye" will "provoke questions and increase awareness of the many common deceptions and manipulations we encounter every day." As the show progresses to a close, you'll discover that Eaton has succeeded in doing so.

As my guest and I waited in line for Eaton's autograph, we heard audience members remark how amazed, entertained and baffled they were with how he successfully conquered the nearly-impossible demos they witnessed. We share the same sentiments.

To enhance your enjoyment, arrive early, observe your surroundings, and peruse through the program, which contains information on the techniques Eaton uses. Be on the lookout for a special numeral that's part of one of the earlier acts of the evening.

Lastly, open your mind and get ready for a magical journey wherein Eaton will take you and your fellow audience members to limits beyond your normal realm of imaginings. You'll soon understand why "The Quantum Eye" holds the record for being the longest-running, one-man Off-Broadway magic show. From what we saw that evening, we predict that "The Quantum Eye" will be around for many more years to come.

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