Salt Therapy at Salt Caves

Salt Therapy at Salt Caves


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[SECTION]The Health Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt[/SECTION]

Discover the secrets of Speleotherapy as you breathe in Himalayan rock salt at the Salt Caves , Toowoomba. Simply lie back and relax to receive a whole body detox in a room walled by hunks of rock salt, surrounded by diffused pools of golden-pink light. If you can't get to the beach this summer, the Salt Caves are an experience that will help make up for it with the added benefits of a completely natural, therapeutic micro climate.

Health benefits include improved sleep, general health and wellbeing, strong immune responses and relief of skin and lung disorders. The conditions relieved are asthma, bronchitis, chest infection, emphysema, sinusitis, respiratory allergies, hay fever, colds, flu, ear infections, tonsillitis, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, chronic stress and fatigue.

Your lungs are lined with ciliated (hairy) cells which help expel mucus, dust mites and pollen. As you inhale the fine salt particles, the salt sticks to the mucus in your respiratory system which helps liquefy the mucus. This makes it easy to cough up or digest unhealthy mucus. Rock salt also kills infection and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system and sinuses. The skin also absorbs the salt in the air which balances the PH.

[SECTION]The Salt Caves Experience[/SECTION]

The floor of the cave is covered by a thick layer of loose salt, so to keep the environment clean the visitor must don a pair of cloth shoe or foot covers. I enjoyed the covers on bare feet as I scrunched my way to one of the banana lounges, receiving a brief foot massage, similar to walking on sand.

Once you are comfortably seated, the high-concentrate, dry salt aerosol and air conditioning (set to 24-25 degrees) are started. It can be surprisingly cool once the body is resting, so soft Tibetan yak-hair shawls are provided to snuggle under. The cave doors have a heavy, raw timber look, providing a hint of mountain forest.

Soothing music helps you relax as you allow your mind to drift away. If you manage to drop off to sleep, the lovely staff will awaken you at the end of the hour.

[SECTION]Facts on Salt[/SECTION]

The salt aerosol in the Salt Caves is made up of hospital-grade, imported sodium chloride, packaged prior to the type of processing which table salt is subjected to, such as bleaching. Some believe table salt can become toxic in large doses. If you have any concerns you should position yourself further away from the aerosol vent to reduce the amount of salt you inhale.

The air in the Salt Caves is kept hygienic by air vents and of course, salt.

There is no danger of corrosion to anything you take with you into the Salt Caves, as this only occurs when salt comes into contact with moisture and the Salt Caves are kept in a dry condition.

One review of an overseas salt room mentioned that they had to dust salt powder from themselves afterwards, but I have not experienced that in the Toowoomba Salt Caves. Ninety-five percent of visitors to salt caves rated their experience as five-star, with comments like 'congestion relief' and 'pure relaxation'.

If you suffer as I do from claustrophobia, I can report that I had no concerns. The room has seating for nine, with personal space.

Possible responses by the body to Speleotherapy could include coughing, nausea due to detoxification after your first visit and draining of the sinuses. Pleasant results could include warm or tingling skin.


The salt soap removes toxins, exfoliates and firms skin. Salt inhalers are a portable and sleek vehicle to breathe in healthy rock salt for up to 25 minutes a day. The inhaler may assist with sleep, snoring, clearing sinuses and help control coughing among other things. Jojoba Natural Body Bars give a low lather cleanse and are good for eczema, dry skin and dermatitis. Other tempters are: Miracle Mist Lotion transdermal magnesium lotion, Himalayan Bath Salt in grain or chunky form, rock salt for the table, salt lamps, candle holders, organic health foods and supplements and Tibetan yak hair shawls come in earthy colours with traditional Tibetan patterns.

You can help Himalayan girls to receive an education by buying one of the colourful, beaded scarves. Pure silk scarves come in complex patterns.

[SECTION]Packages & Further Info[/SECTION]

Freebie Second Visit
After your first visit, a free salt cave experience is provided.

Seniors Deal
$25 on Thursdays plus a regular coffee and cookie for $5 at the neighbouring newsagent cum café.

Single One-Hour Sessions
Adult $45
Pensioner $35
Children 1-2 $0 (with paying adult); 2-10 $25; 11-18 $35

Other Offers

Monthly, Family and Memberships packages are also available.

Yoga Meditation and relaxation classes are $35.

As well as the Toowoomba branch, there is a Mooloolaba branch located on Queensland's north coast, Shop 5 of the Pandanus Building, 21 Smith Street, Mooloolaba, phone 07 5444 1339, hours are the same as the Toowoomba Branch. Swedish massage within the Salt Cave, Mooloolaba, $95 an hour.

After hours appointments are available; please contact to arrange a suitable time.

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