Sail Darwin's - Sunset Cruise

Sail Darwin's - Sunset Cruise


Posted 2015-10-14 by Toni Meganfollow
On a resent trip to Darwin my hubby and I chose to spoil ourselves by jumping aboard Sail Darwin's romantic sunset cruise. We had heard this lovely three-hour journey takes passengers around the Darwin Harbour on the Sundance NT, a luxurious 50ft catamaran and quickly booked ourselves two seats.

When we arrived at the Cullen Bay Ferry Terminal we took a short walk down the jetty until we could see our vessel docked ready for boarding. We quickly jumped aboard and headed straight to the front of the ship where we set up some cushions and got nice and comfy.

Before we had even snuck in a single kiss, one of the workers was by our side with glasses of bubbly to sip on as we sailed out of the harbour. As we drank our champagne we were lucky enough to see a salt-water crocodile on a sand bank, which apparently is not something seen on every trip. As we watched the scaly reptilian enter the water, the canap├ęs started pouring out from the kitchen on board.

For three hours we snacked on yummy nibbles, drank champagne and watched one of the most incredible sunset I've ever seen. I'm sure its got something to do with the lack of mountains obstructing your view but you just can't get a sunset like that back home in Brisbane. Every single minute, every single colour was spectacular.

After the sun finally set beyond the horizon, the stars came out to play. The two of us lay on the deck and searched for shooting stars. While we were unable to spot a single moving star, we were able to point out the Southern Cross and Scorpio with ease. Snuggling together staring up at the expansive universe above us was one of the most peaceful experiences of our trip and by the time we pulled back up to the jetty, we were feeling, calm, romanced and very, very well fed.

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