Saffron Day Spa and Salon

Saffron Day Spa and Salon


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, located on Muthangari Drive in Westlands Nairobi offers a comfortable and relaxing environment. Open for just over 3 years, the spa has been converted from a mansion to a luxurious day spa, offering a number of services including Moroccan Bath (Hammam services), hairdressing, massage packages as well as packages catered to men and children. Upon arrival, I was welcomed by receptionist Diana and then met with the spa manager Azmina. "Our main goal here at the spa is to enhance and give our clients spa treatments at a high end level. What sets us apart is that we are the pioneers of the Moroccan Bath here at Saffron and introduced it to Nairobi first," says Azmina. "The Moroccan Bath has a lot of benefits as it exfoliates and nourishes the skin. The wow factor is visibly seeing the dead skin being removed."

The overall ambience of the day spa is tranquil. Although there are some minor construction occurring within the spa, it does not disturb your experience. The signature treatment at the two-story spa is the Hamman Ritual (Moroccan Bath), which I had the pleasure of experiencing. The majority of the procedure takes place is the steam room for approximately 90 minutes. Caroline, my therapist, made me feel at home the moment she walked in the waiting area. My Moroccan Bath was performed in one of the upstairs rooms. As you enter the large spacious room, there are two massage tables and just behind the wall is the steam room, spa and relaxation area. Caroline has been working at the spa for over 2 years and made the treatment enjoyable as she was bubbly and welcoming. "We just want people to feel welcome and experience our Hammam and see how beautiful our place is," says Caroline.

Once Caroline gave me a tour of the room, she began to explain my treatment to me. "Firstly, we begin with steam for approximately 5 minutes to allow the pores to open up which is followed by black soap which is very good for skin, especially sensitive skin," says Caroline.

Moroccan Black soap has many therapeutic benefits as it helps to improve skin texture as well deeply cleanses the skin. Following the application of the black soap, I remained in the steam room for another 20 minutes to relax and allow the black soap to work its magic. After the black soap was rinsed off by my therapist, my skin was exfoliated using a "Kessa" glove, which felt incredible on my skin. Caroline gave me the glove to take home which was an added bonus. After some further steam, I took a shower to rinse off and the masque was applied to my entire body and hair. The Ghassoul Clay Masque is high in vitamin E and extremely nourishing. "The Moroccan Clay Masque is good as it closes the pores and firms the skin. It has tea tree in it which can be used from your hair to your toes. It also helps to remove toxins from your body," says Caroline.

Upon rinsing off and leaving the steam room, I was given an express massage with argon oil. It was the perfect end to a truly magical experience that left my skin feeling clean and soft for days. It's advisable to drink plenty of water after the treatment to replenish lost fluids.

At the end of the treatment I was offered, mint green tea and water, accompanied by dates and grapes in the relaxation room. If you are in need of a pick-me-up, this treatment is for you.

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