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Located next door to Afghan Charcoal Kebab Village , is a good place for tasting Pakistani cuisine. When you order your meal, you have a choice of ordering a dish as a main or as part of a three course meal with Dahe Bale (deep-fried balls made from ground lentils) and Labe Shirin (dessert consisting of various fruits and jelly in custard).

Great for those who want to sample some of the restaurant's grilled dishes, Saffron Chalow consisted of one Murgh Kebab (grilled chicken), one Barra Kebab (lamb kebab) and one Seekh Kebab (minced lamb) served with rice, bread and chathni. Their Barra Kebab and Seekh Kebab did not have too much of the "lamby" flavor that can make them off-putting to some people. The Seekh Kebab had a firmer texture than the Barra Kebab. The Murgh Kebab had succulent pieces of chicken and the spices used in all three kebabs did a good job of giving them their spiced flavour. If you desire to tone down their rich spicy flavours, you can dip the kebabs in the chathni sauce before consuming them.

Their Chicken Biryani was very well done with a good amount of chicken that was cooked just right and enough spices to make eating the dish a satisfying experience. The dish came in single and double serving. The single serving was big enough to be shared.

Beef Haleem is different from the curries that we are used to - the beef is shredded instead of cut into chunks giving the dish a different texture. The spiciness of the curry was suitable for those not used to spicy foods and there was a bit of crunch provided by the topping of fried onions.

For something more along the line of curries that most people are used to, their Chicken Handi is a good choice. The pieces of thigh fillet were tender and of a good size and the gravy gave the dish a good amount of spice.

Available as a half and whole serving, the chicken in the Chicken Saiji was cooked to perfection and had the right degree of chargrilled flavour to make eating it an enjoyable experience. We chose to have bread accompany our dish. If you are not in the mood for bread, there is the alternative choice of rice.

We chose Bindi Masala for our vegetable dish because it was rare to see okra being offered at restaurants. The pieces of okra were of a good size and still had a bit of bite to them. Compared to the Beef Haleem, the degree of spiciness is hotter but it still should be suitable for most tastes.

Another of the vegetable dishes available, the chunks of eggplant in their Eggplant Masala were quite large and had a bit of resistance to them. The eggplant had a smoky taste to them, which was tempered by the yoghurt drizzled over them.

In addition to their main dishes, the restaurant also offers various varieties of Agha Juice, which is best described as something akin to a fruit milkshake. The d├ęcor of the restaurant gave it a casual comfortable feel and the carpark in front provides easy off-street parking.

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