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Ruski Way Deli


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Galina is a lady on a mission. Originally from Russia, she wants the people of Brisbane to discover the delights of home-cooked Russian food which she cooks with fresh ingredients and serves with a big smile. Strictly no preservatives, no additives, just good produce cooked fresh and prepared from traditional recipes to produce Russian delights such as Borsht. Besides Russian, there's all the other European food traditions which she is so passionate about.

I recently came across this place on Tottenham Street, near the PA Hospital at Buranda, just opposite Centro Buranda Shopping Centre and curious, I went in. To my delight I found fridges full of smoked and preserved fish, shelves full of interesting canned delights of all descriptions, under the counter meat smallgoods such as authentic-looking sausage, liverwurst and so on, and a fresh lunchtime menu including Borsht, one of my favourite soups.

The Borsht was obviously home made and, impressed and curious, I got talking to the lady behind the counter who had insisted on giving me a little container of sour cream to add to my soup, which was, by the way, absolutely delicious. Galina makes everything fresh with her small band of helpers who also hail from Russia, so they are making the food they know, the food that their mothers and grandmothers made, and the food that they miss here.

Galina also makes her own sauerkraut here, which she says is full of healthy enzymes. So people, if you want to taste freshly made sauerkraut, this is the place to come. And she also swears by "kefir", a fermented milk she stocks that is drunk by the glass in Russia and Poland and is full of healthy probiotic bacteria – according to Galina, kefir leaves all those little probiotic drinks available in the supermarket for dead. In Australia it's hard to come by, but Galina found a supplier. And she says, if you want Omega 3 fats in your diet, look no further than the canned cod livers which are available here and are delicious spread on bread.

And for some comfort food, they make traditional cakes and sell them by the slice. Coffee is also available.

The deli serves fresh sandwiches which seem popular with the lunchtime crowd, and the Borsht, Piroshki, Cabbage Rolls and other menu items are available as take-aways, either hot, or cold to heat up later.

Word has it that some doctors at the PA Hospital just over the road from Ruski Way have caught on and are recommending patients come here to sample the cuisine Galina is so passionate about.

In any case, how can this place go wrong, if the food is so delicious and it's good for you?

Check our their website which is quite informative.

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