Rush Hotdogs & Burgers @ Surry Hills

Rush Hotdogs & Burgers @ Surry Hills


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What's up with Sydney and Hot Dogs? It seems that we are embracing the New York street food culture, Sydney is in the midst of a gourmet hot dog revolution. Hotdogs are everywhere! I think they are the latest trend for a fast and convenient meal.

My friend messaged me excitedly last night and informed me of the newest hotdog joint that just opened near her work.

Rush is conveniently located at the corner of Reservoir Street and Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills. It is situated at a prime foot-traffic location with bus stops at its entrance.

The interior decoration is funky and with a bit of rough edges. A well-suited dining theme for Surry Hills.

As the name suggests, it's all about fast and furious here.

We were greeted with welcoming smiles and my eyes were immediately drawn to the board menu. It was a bit hard to read, thankfully they also have the paper menu.

Have you ever stared at the menu and just couldn't decide which one to choose from? Well that was me. There were various hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers and Today's Specials. I was really lost at the choices so I asked the staff for their recommendations.

Finally I've decided to have the Classic Rush Dog and my friend picked the Mexican Hot Dog. We also ordered a side of fries.

Rush's hot chips were really good. They were hot and fresh out of the deep-fryer, slightly crunchy on the outside and 'fluffy' on the inside. They were perfectly seasoned with salt. A garlic-mayonnaise dip was provided and that was absolutely addictive.

The Classic Rush Dog ($6.80) was topped with sweet pepper relish, yellow mustard, diced onion, pickle gherkins and spicy pork crackers. It sounded promising right?

The hot dog itself tasted average and looked small in the massive bun. The pork crackers were bland and looked dismissive. I expected diced onion freckles and not large chunky onion rings. I frantically searched my bag for an after-meal mint.

The hot dog tasted nice but it was very messy to eat. Perhaps I was a clumsy eater, sauce and toppings dripped everywhere.

My friend was pleased with her Mexican Dog ($6.80) which essentially was a hot dog with beef chilli, topped with salsa, guacamole and cheese. She said it was very flavoursome and filling at the same time.

Overall, I thought the food was good, the flavours were decent, and perfect for grab-n-go. The staff was extremely generous with the dressing which made the whole hot dog a little too salty for my liking, and I also would've preferred a higher hot dog to bread ratio.

The price was very reasonable, servings were generous and the service was quite quick. I think that was exactly what we were looking for on a Monday lunch time.

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