Running on Empty Workshop with Annie Clark

Running on Empty Workshop with Annie Clark


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Sat 20 Jul 2013

Recently I attended a workshop at Annie Clarke's mountain top hideaway in the back hills of Cooroy. Magic. Informative. Relaxing. Inspiring. Encouraging.

The title of this workshop was Running on Empty as we looked at the effect that stress has on our bodies. Each of the participants filled out answers on a work sheet Annie gave us to gauge how stressed we actually were. Annie explained that when we are under stress our bodies produce chemicals that are powerful agents for cancer.

She spoke about our 'internal traffic' (pesky persistent mind chatter) and how shallow breathing leads to stress.... so long deep breathes and a calm mind is definitely the way to go. It doesn't take long to realise how easy you can run yourself ragged and have nothing left in the tank!

So how do we reduce our stress levels and how can we aid our bodies and minds so that we are strengthened against this?

Into the kitchen to have a taste test of the greens.....a mixture of alkalising greens absolutely full of goodness.

Annie also spoke at length about the many things we can all do to reduce our stress like:
Meditation, Walking, Spending time in nature, Drinking more water (even a slight drop in our water intake can produce fuzzy thinking)...

Keeping our minds calm is the key in helping to overcome stress. Eating an abundance of pure organic foods and sitting up straight when we eat is also important!

Did you know that unhappiness is stored in your fat cells?
Hmmm, all the more reason to give ourselves experiences that uplift encourage and inspire us, oh, and don't forget to hang around people of the same ilk. Otherwise you know where you will end up? Stressed out!

Next up, a vegetarian lunch; plenty of raw salads, interesting dips, and all round high quality food. Oh, and never drink with your meal! It waters down the stomach's acids which impedes digestion.

Annie spoke at length about embracing the changes that come up in life, she inspired us to get real about our health and gently encouraged us to make those changes that each of us know we really ought to do, and to embrace the detours, a lovely way of re shifting our focus when things don't go 'according to our plans'...

Annie also introduced us to a range of essential oils which we all had to experience for ourselves. For example we rubbed on our palms a drop of frankinsese and peppermint, rubbed out palms together and simply smelled the fragrance, not up close to our noses, but kind of waving around the head area. I found it actually did help me to focus after lunch when often I feel like having a snooze. After a while I noticed they also really did help my mood and made me feel alert, calm and happy.

Annie offers a variety of one day workshops and is also available for private consultations as well as public speaking. In fact, I first met Annie at a women's conference when she gave a very disarming and funny talk on 'the pooh in you' (also the name of one of her books). Check her out .

This is one workshop I'm very happy I attended and walked away more informed and inspired. Click here for events and future workshops.

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