RuFus Mid-Winter Charity Ball

RuFus Mid-Winter Charity Ball


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Sat 09 Aug 2014

AJ is an outstanding lady who began RuFus as a charitable organization in 2011. RuFus provides food, clothing and furniture to the homeless. Last year Rufus managed to house 91 families.

The ball will be held at The Adelaide Pavilion corner of South Terrace and Peacock Road on Saturday 9th August – RSVP 25th July

AJ's son became homeless due to severe mental health issues. She discovered many more homeless people living cold and hungry in Adelaide.

Aileen (AJ) created her charity after an article was written about her in the Sunday Mail by Renato Castello.

AJ is a full time physiotherapist, has custody of her three year old granddaughter and spends over 40 hours per week cooking for and helping the homeless. She also spends over $1000 per month of her own money to provide nutritional food for her homeless family.

AJ comes home from work and starts cooking meals, offering a variety of three main dishes plus desserts. She also washes and dries clothing to be taken into the city. She also created a substantial organic vegetable garden to provide nutritious fresh food to the cold and hungry people living on the streets.

This Ball is a once a year opportunity to raise money for the ongoing cost of running RuFus.

The funds that the Mid-Winter Ball raises is used to clothe and keep warm some of the hundreds of people sleeping cold and wet on our streets. Around 60 homeless people die every year because of illnesses such as pneumonia that were related to the sleeping in the cold and hypothermia.

To repeat - 60 homeless people die in Adelaide each year. If you can fill a table and attend The RuFus Mid-Winter Ball, how many lives do you think you will save?

The RuFus Charity Ball is just one way to help RuFus to continue to provide essential care to the homeless and hungry people of Adelaide. The charity is in also need of volunteers and sponsors.

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