Royal Stacks Flagship Store

Royal Stacks Flagship Store


Posted 2024-03-07 by Ann about Townfollow

Nestled within a gorgeous Heritage building along Bourke Road lies the newly unveiled Royal Stacks, a safe haven for burger lovers everywhere.

Scheduled to open its doors to the public in early March, anticipation for this welcome addition to Melbourne's already vibrant food scene is palpable. And rightfully so, as Chef Terri ( @chef_terri ), hailing from the culinary crucible of LA, orchestrates a symphony of flavours with finesse. From the tantalising Regina George to the regal Prince Harry, each burger bears a whimsical Royal-themed moniker and promises an epicurean journey like no other. My personal favourite was the Ronin which referred to the Chips with no Burger (seriously, google it).

Stepping through the blue double doors, I found myself enveloped in an ambience that seamlessly blended Melbourne sophistication with casual diner charm. Graffiti playfully adorns the walls, lending an edgy vibe to the ambience, while the DJ's deft hands weaved a melodic tapestry, setting the perfect backdrop for a night of revelry.

It was immediately apparent that I wasn't the only one confused by the smart casual dress code on the invitation some guests were dressed to the nines whilst others opted for more relaxed attire, embracing a minimalist approach to dressing perhaps to compensate for the sweltering summer heat.

However, once we all had a drink in hand (they recommend the signature Melbourne Mule cocktail), engaging conversations flowed amidst the chic surroundings, making it evident that Royal Stacks is set to become a cornerstone of Melbourne's social tapestry.

My taste buds were tantalised by the classic yet impeccably executed lettuce, tomato and beef patty combination. However, it was the chicken burger that stole the show, a culinary masterpiece boasting the perfect balance of savoury saltiness, satisfying crunch, and zesty pickles. The only downside is that you WILL wake up at 4am the next day craving Royal Stacks.

In other words...
Beware, indulging in these delights may evoke a nocturnal craving for Royal Stacks, making a takeaway for a midnight rendezvous a prudent choice.

No soirée would be complete without a captivating performance, and Royal Stacks delivered in spades with their "Royal" saxophonist, whose soulful melodies captivated all in attendance.

Descending downstairs, one is transported to a different realm where kitsch meets urban chic. Amidst ample mingling space, the venue exudes an air of clandestine allure, reminiscent of an underground nightclub if underground nightclubs had tables and chairs like your local playground.

Ultimately, it's a sanctuary where patrons can escape the bustling energy of the city above, indulging in cool drinks, creamy milkshakes, and tasty mac and cheese croquettes, all whilst enjoying the hilarious antics of Mr. Bean on the telly. What's not to love?


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