Royal Matchmaker - Film Review

Royal Matchmaker - Film Review


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Royal Matchmaker is a 2018 Hallmark Channel original movie that tells the story of Kate Gleason, a talented New York City matchmaker who is hired to find a suitable bride for Prince Sebastian of Belgium. The movie was directed by Mike Rohl and written by Karen Berger.

The film opens with Kate Gleason (Joy Lenz), a skilled matchmaker, receives a job offer from Belgium. The job is to find a suitable bride for Prince Sebastian of Belgium (Will Kemp). Initially, Kate is hesitant to take on the job, but her boss convinces her to take the offer by promising her a promotion if she succeeds.

Kate travels to Belgium, with her assistant Britney (Brittany Bristow) to meet the prince, but she soon discovers that Prince Sebastian is not interested in finding a bride. He is more interested in spending his time playing polo and avoiding his duties as a prince. Kate quickly realizes that she has a difficult job ahead of her.

Undeterred, Kate decides to take matters into her own hands. She arranges for the prince to meet several eligible women, but none of them seem to capture his interest. Eventually, Kate realizes that the prince is looking for someone who is genuine and down-to-earth, someone who is not interested in his title or his wealth.

As Kate continues her search for the perfect bride, she finds herself growing closer to Prince Sebastian. They share many meaningful conversations, and she begins to see a different side of him. However, she also realizes that she is falling in love with him, which complicates matters even further.

Eventually, Kate realizes that the perfect bride for Prince Sebastian is right in front of him: his childhood friend Petra Petrovich (Elva Trill). Petra is smart, beautiful, and most importantly, she knows the prince for who he truly is. Kate arranges for the prince to meet with Petra, and they quickly hit it off.

However, as the engagement announcement approaches, Kate realizes that she cannot attend the ball it is due to be announced at. She knows that seeing the prince marry someone else will be too painful for her. Instead, she decides to leave Belgium and return to New York. Before she goes, she shares a heartfelt goodbye with the prince, expressing her gratitude for the time they spent together.

As she waits for the train to the airport, Kate gets a visit from King Edward (Simon Dutton). He reminds her of the commitment she made - to find a queen for his son, and her leaving will break that very promise.

The film ends with Kate and Sebastian becoming engaged and dancing at the ball.

Royal Matchmaker is a charming and heart-warming movie that explores the themes of love, duty, and finding one's true calling. The film is beautifully shot, with stunning scenery and wonderful performances from the cast.

One of the things that makes Royal Matchmaker such a great movie is its relatable characters. Kate is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to take risks and follow her heart. Prince Sebastian is a complex and multi-dimensional character who is struggling to find his place in the world. Isabella is a smart and capable woman who knows what she wants.

The chemistry between Joy Lenz and Will Kemp is also one of the highlights of the movie. Their conversations are natural and engaging, and it's easy to see why Kate is drawn to the prince. The romance between the two of them is understated but palpable, and it's clear that they have a strong connection.

The movie also touches on some important themes, such as the pressure to conform to societal expectations and the importance of being true to oneself. Kate is initially hesitant to take on the job of finding a bride for Prince Sebastian because she doesn't want to perpetuate the idea that women need to be married to be happy. However, she eventually realizes that matchmaking can be a fulfilling career if it's done for the right reasons.

Similarly, Prince Sebastian is struggling to find his place in the world because he feels constrained by his title and the expectations that come with it. He is not interested in finding a bride because he feels like he will be forced to marry someone who doesn't truly understand him. It's only when he meets Isabella, someone who knows him for who he truly is, that he is able to see a future for himself.

The movie also has a strong message about following one's passions. Kate initially takes on the job of matchmaking because she wants to further her career, but she eventually realizes that her true passion is baking. Similarly, Oliver is initially hesitant to pursue a relationship with Kate because he is focused on running his bakery, but he eventually realizes that he can have both a successful business and a fulfilling personal life.

Overall, Royal Matchmaker is a delightful movie that will appeal to anyone who loves a good romance. The characters are well-developed, the storyline is engaging, and the themes are important and relatable. If you're looking for a feel-good movie that will leave you with a smile on your face, Royal Matchmaker is definitely worth a watch.

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