The Royal Hotel Toowoomba

The Royal Hotel Toowoomba


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One of my mother's old sayings to describe an attractive house frontage, with a back which was ugly and preferably out of sight, was said to have a "Queen Anne front and a Mary Ann back". Do you remember hearing that one?

On a recent visit to the Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba, we stumbled across a pub that reminded me of my mum's saying, albeit being totally the opposite. The front of the hotel could have done with a little love, but the back half, the dining area and courtyard, was just smashing! Let me tell you about it because, at only two kilometres out of Toowoomba Central, it is charming and less frantic than some of the tourist venues in the city.

The Royal Hotel at 189 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, first opened in 1866 and was a popular meeting place for local railway employees. The Spring Hill Hotel, as it was known in those days, burnt down in 1904 and was rebuilt reopening in 1906. In 1949, it became The Royal and it still retains much of its "hospitality for the everyman" ambience.

Tentatively, we were shown through to the dining area at the back of the hotel by the lass working the bar.

I was immediately taken by the fragrance from the vases of fresh flowers sitting on all the tables - inside and out. I can't vouch that this was for the Carnival or an everyday occurrence, though it was an awesome touch.

The menu was diverse and included Children's Meals at a flat rate of $9.90. Meals are available 7 days a week with lunch hours between noon and 2 pm, and dinner between 6 pm and 8 pm.

Love of my Life enjoyed his steak and my Chicken Karage Burger was delicious. Neither of us went back for sweets - we were replete - though we did enjoy "one more for the road".

A " hats off" also to the staff who were ever helpful. For more information, go here.

It can be difficult selecting a place to dine in a strange town but we nailed it!

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