Rouge - Adelaide Fringe 2018 Review

Rouge - Adelaide Fringe 2018 Review


Posted 2018-02-21 by Jonathon Tonkinfollow

Wed 21 Feb 2018 - Sun 18 Mar 2018

Welcome to a new twist on circus performance. A new type of cabaret entertainment. Welcome to a circus that teases you into a mood which is both fun, flirty, daring, sultry and gritty. Welcome to a dark world which tantalises and tempts you as it drags you into its depths. Welcome to a circus for the new age. Welcome to Rouge .

From the creators of the Australian Circus smash, Papillon , comes Rouge. A new adult circus and cabaret spectacular that combines high-energy feats of strength and acrobatics with straight up crass and in your face attitude. Prepare to have your ideas of modern circus challenged as the talents of Rouge bring you in with their beauty and grace and then bend you over and spank you raw. This is not your Nanna's circus.

Rouge elegantly blends style and technique to create a mesmerising show. Every act comes with a twist to turn traditional circus acts on its head and engage and entertain the audience. From balancing acts, acrobatics, the lovely voice of opera singer Isabel Hertaeg, fire sticks, and hoop routines. All these sound like what you would find in a generic circus but I can honestly say you haven't seen anything like this. The creativity and passion of the performers shines in Rouge and all the talents have found a way to create amazing and astounding performances from the abilities they have perfected.

Rouge is a show that will cast the circus/physical theatre genre in a new light. For fans of astounding performances with the kink and glamour of modern cabaret this is your show. The cast of Rouge are a collection of misfits, deviants and vagabonds that have come together to form a troupe of characters that truly seem like a distorted family. The characters and personalities are cheeky, flamboyant and create an atmosphere of fun and frivolity, exciting the crowd in more ways than one.

The pacing of the show is a mish mash of styles. Purposely designed to catch you off guard. Performances range from slow and elegant suspended hoop routines to fierce and aggressive acrobatic and dance numbers. These tone changes happen in a heartbeat to always keep you on the edge of your seat and stimulate your senses in a fraction of a second.

Rouge is the perfect blend of a modern circus show. Brilliant performances covered with rhythm and attitude and a certain aura permeates the venue that embodies the phrase, 'Filthy and Gorgeous'.

Rouge is performing in The Octagon tent in Gluttony every day except Monday's until the 18th of March. Tickets are $39. Look out for Fringe Member and Cheap Tuesday discounts. This is the circus show you want to see to bring out your naughty side.

4/5 Stars.

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