The Roosevelt Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

The Roosevelt Cocktail Bar & Restaurant


Posted 2012-02-16 by Sarah Hanfollow

The moment I heard that the guys from Eau De Vie were opening a new bar, I was determined to get a few of my girlfriends together to check out The Roosevelt . Pushing through the doors at this Potts Point venture is like a time machine back into the 40s.

Though it's not quite an Eau De Vie doppelgänger, it sure comes close. It's like a fraternal twin, if you will. A swankier, glitzier twin. And Eau De Vie itself is already one of the finest upscale bars in Sydney, so The Roosevelt has just set the bar even higher (no pun intended).

Going to The Roosevelt is like unfolding a story. The old Hollywood glamour setting sucks you right in, and anticipation grows when deciphering the menu. I enjoy the way the menu is written, but the fairly lengthy descriptions require your full attention for a good 20 minutes. The waitress (in a cute outfit, might I add) is pleasantly charming, taking our order with an adorable accent that we can't place.

Of course the climax is when the cocktails arrive, with every single one looking completely different from the other. Unfortunately, the nitro trolley isn't making its rounds on this night, but even then it's still a very impressive evening out with three of my girlfriends.

The Strawberry Blonde comes in two parts. The snow of strawberry, orange and lime looks like a granita with scatterings of greenery. Anything icy and slushy gets a vote from me.

And another vote is for the classic Tommie's margarita, which I'm a big fan of (over other margaritas). The margarita is poured over the icy blend of fruits, and voila - we get a delightfully fruity and chilled cocktail.

I order The Gaiety Cocktail. It's prepared in an art deco Chase gaiety cocktail and contains Ketel On Vodka, yellow chartreuse, pineapple, lemon and orgeat.

One of the wait-staff tells me that this cocktail gets its name from the Chase gaiety cocktail shaker it's made in (more on the shaker here ). The drink isn't as exciting compared to my companions' beverages, but it sure goes down easy.

The Nitro Colada is a sight for sore eyes. It looks more like a dessert than a drink at first, but that's again because there's a process involved.

The fresh pineapple and coconut cream is whipped with liquid nitrogen into a housemade pina colada sorbet. Perched on top is a blowtorched meringue. In a small crystal shot glass there's coconut infused Pampero rum, which needs to be poured over the meringue beauty. This cocktail literally gets me excited. It's so experimental and different; and on top of that - it tastes amazingly good.

I'm normally not even a fan of Pina Coladas, but this version has convinced me otherwise.

The Roosevelt Re-fashioned #2 is a medley of honeycomb infused Johnnie Walker Platinum Label (18 years old) stirred down with organic honey and apricot brandy and dandelion burdock bitters, served over an apricot ice ball. The menu declares that this cocktail is "Sweet, strong and sexy (much like the bartenders that make it)". And it sure is.

It's definitely a manly kind of drink, so I'm not sure why my girlfriend would have picked it. A whiskey and brandy concoction isn't my choice of poison, but the apricot infused ice ball is definitely a pretty sight.

On our second round, I go for the Blazer, which is a marriage of muscatels, figs, cinnamon & burnt orange infused Ron Zacapa, set ablaze and spiked with a dash of coffee and Tonka bean bitters. It's served with caramelised Moscovado sugar and garnished with a selection of warming spices. There's also a side of poached fig and freeze dried raspberries.

The drink is warm in a way that reminds me of mulled wine (especially with all the spices thrown in there), and I love the coffee flavour in the mix. The alcoholic fumes are quite acrid, and when I take a sip I actually have to close my eyes to avoid the stinging in my eyes. It's worth it though. I'm normally not a big fan of pungent cocktails where you can really taste the alcohol, but this one is an exception. Hats off to the creator of this tipple.

The Escape from Zombie Mountain is a fruity amalgamation of Pampero Seleccion and absinthe, muddled grapes and orchard fruits. Those who like fruity cocktails will certainly enjoy this refreshing take on the Zombie.

Ms D always has cocktails with ginger beer, so I knew immediately that she'd have the Ginger Down Under. This blends Don Julio Blanco tequila, amaro & lemon blueberry and agave with housemade Roosevelt Ginger Beer. Ginger fans will be pleased with this one.

It's all about the experience here at The Roosevelt. The display of crystal glassware, the table lamps that turn out to be candles and the overall class factor have captivated me.

There's a cocktail that's served in a glass gun, which we have to try next time. We get cocktail envy when we see one of the shared cocktails served in a gigantic tea cup, alongside four small tea cups to drink out of. Too adorable.

Next time it's cocktail o'clock, we'll be back for that gun and those teacups.

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