Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas

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Posted 2012-12-28 by Stella Bella follow
If you are looking for ideas to wow your partner and spoil them with a lovely surprise, these are a few ideas that are suitable for all occasions - all you need is to take action and give them a go.

Sunrise Breakfast Picnic

Create a beautiful moment by overlooking the whole city wake up by the beach side or on top of a mountain. So fill your picnic bag with a bottle of wine and drive to a lookout or beach side to watch the sun rising from the horizon far away, while you are sipping the wine with some sweet talk. I would suggest spending the night sleeping in the back of the car if you have a campervan, ute or simply fold up the backseats of the car to make a bed out of it. This way you won't have to get up too early or race the time to watch the sunrise.

Twilight Lantern Walk

A walk in the evening is a very relaxing way to spend time together. If you want to add some romance to your normal walking routine, simply carry a lantern or make your own lantern together. The lantern creates a similar cosy atmosphere, like a candlelit dinner. You two can stop anywhere for some quiet time with the lantern beside you. If you don't like carrying the lantern, you can also wear some night glows to add some fun at your night walk, just like somebody going to a wild night party.

Supermarket Safari Night

It felt so cosy to shop grocery with someone special. This night is designed to set your taste buds on a safari tour. So choose a night to shop at the supermarket for something you both have never tried before, then go home and find a recipe to cook it together. It could be a special spice from Morocco, or a different type of cheese or brand of yoghurt, or special canned food from Spain. I would go for the ethnic shops, such as an Indian grocery shop or a Greek butcher store, you never know what you can find there.

Pocket Gamer Fun

Most of us love games, despite how young or old we are. You can design a fun game day with a scoring system. The games can be chosen from either from your phones, or a pocket gamer. To make the fun competition fair, neither of you have played the game before, so it really depends on how well you play on the day. If you have a rough time deciding who should do the dishes, this method also works its magic. And remember it is not about wining or losing, it is about having fun together.

Stargazing and Camping

If you are planning a romantic country getaway, don't forget to have a romantic stargazing at your camping ground. Away from all the city light pollution; the countryside is the best place to see the Milky Way in its full glory if it is a clear night. Or you two can book a stargazing tour at a nearby observatory, observing the stars under the astronomical telescope. If it is a special occasion, you can even spoil someone by naming a star for him/her as a gift. To read more about a wonderful stargazing experience, please click here .

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