How to Make a Rocket Ship Cake

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Posted 2012-12-12 by Where I Holidayfollow

Countdown 3, 2, 1….It's almost time to blast off into the New Year! Make your celebrations a bit more festive by having a Rocket Ship Cake. Or if you have a special birthday coming up for a little person take the stress out of the celebration by making one of the easiest themed cakes I have found. Once your cake is baked and cooled, you can assemble and decorate this gorgeous cake in under 20 minutes.

This recipe uses a standard packet of cake mix and ready-made icing to keep things simple.
1 Packet Vanilla or Butter cake mix
1 tub of vanilla ready-made icing
1 packet coloured candies (M&M's or Smarties)
1 pack of sour strap lollies or liquorice

Step 1- Bake
Prepare the cake mix according to the packet instructions. You will need to make 1 rectangular sheet cake. I used a standard 13 x 9 inch (33 x 23cm) baking dish. Once baked, let the cake cool completely then transfer to the plate or board you will use for serving.

Step 2- Shape
One of the reasons why this cake is so simple is it only requires basic assembly. It does not require any tricky "sculpting". Your cake is a rectangle so now we need to trim it to form the Rocket Ship point and fins. Using the image below as a guide, use a sharp knife to trim the top and bottom of the cake. The pointed sections from the top will be used as the rocket fins. Trimming the bottom of the cake will just give you a nice sharp edge to work with.

Trim the edge of the fins and move them to the bottom of the cake. Don't worry about perfect shapes. Once the cake is iced and decorated it will disguise any minor mishaps.

Step 3- Decorate
Now for the fun part! Use a small dollop of the ready-made icing to glue the fins to the main rocket ship body. Next, cover the entire cake with icing. You need a thick enough layer of icing for the candy decorations to stick to. Once iced, use the sour candy straps or liquorice around the edge of the entire cake. This will help to hide any rough edges and will provide a more finished look to the cake. Next, use the coloured candies to decorate your rocket ship. You can follow the design in the image below or use your own design to add initials or numbers to the cake.

Step 4- Blast Off!**
I found some great star shaped candles that I inserted into the base of the rocket ship. You can use regular candles or for more drama use sparklers.

Use your creativity and personalise your cake decorations. This is a great activity to involve the kids!

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