Robina Common

Robina Common


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is, as per its name, located in Robina on the Gold Coast. For those of you who are making the trip from Brisbane, Robina is approximately an hour away by car, making it a great day or weekend trip away for a refreshing change of scenery. With facilities to suit all members of the family, both two and four-legged alike, it makes sense that is a favourite with the locals and is a popular destination for families on the weekends and public holidays. There is plenty of room to comfortably house all patrons even during busier times and all-in-all makes for a great sense of community, in addition to a friendly ambience.

Walking Track

There is a beautiful walking track that extends through the park and meanders around the many scenic views and fun facilities available at . The path is wide, with enough room to comfortably fit two-way pedestrian and cyclist traffic and is flanked by many lush green trees that provide plenty of shade during the hotter times of the day or the warmer months of the year.


One of the best things about , for our furry four-legged friends in particular, is that dogs are allowed off-leash within the park at all times - that's right, they're allowed to take a nice stroll through the park with you, without being restrained by a leash! Of course, it goes without saying that dogs who do walk alongside their owners off-leash have to be under effective control - that is, that dogs remain close to their owners and respond to commands when given. If in doubt, keep your dog on leash without worrying that they're missing out on the experience, because there will be an opportunity for them to have a romp off-leash within the safe confines of...

Off-Leash Dog Park off-leash dog park! Would a park really be complete without one? Here, dogs of all shapes and sizes are free to safely explore and sniff out the park within a fully-enclosed fenced area - owners won't have to worry about dogs with escaping tendencies doing just that, and can even partake in a course or two of agility obstacles! Nothing like training both the brain and the body at the same time, right? Plus, with it being a popular area for locals and their dogs, you're almost guaranteed to meet a new doggy friend or two during your visit - it's time to pawty!


Playgrounds are almost a pre-requisite when it comes to parks - and definitely delivers on this aspect! With all the classic playground equipment favourites, your little ones are bound to be able to keep themselves entertained for hours, while parents have a much-deserved break! If your child is perhaps not too fond of dogs, and you're worried about them encountering a dog that is off-leash, there is no need to fret because the whole children's playground is fully-fenced - not only can dogs not get in, but your children can't get out and go somewhere that they're not supposed to. Perfect!


And if all this doesn't sound good enough already, the view that can is bestowed upon visitors of truly is the cherry on top of the cake... what are you waiting for? Pack the kids and the dogs in the car, and hit the road!

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