Robert Capa Photo Exhibition at Villa Manin

Robert Capa Photo Exhibition at Villa Manin


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Sun 20 Oct 2013 - Sun 19 Jan 2014

The vast scenery of Udine province offers a range of high-level cultural events. As a well-established cultural organization, Villa Manin of Passariano di Codroipo has once more set a noteworthy exhibition.

Villa Manin belongs to the order of the Venetian Villas - which design was developed by Andrea Palladio - and built in the XVI century by a noble family from Florence that moved to Friuli Venezia Giulia. The aim of these noble individuals was to spread their power and wealth even around the wide northern countryside, in order to further strengthen their political influence across the International diplomacy. The villa is the result of different architectural structures desired by the numerous lords who succeeded one another until the XIX century.

In here, Napoleon Bonaparte stayed for two months in 1797, to sign the Campoformido Treaty between Austria and France.

From 20 October 2013 until 19 January 2014, Marco Minuz presents "Robert Capa :La Realta' di Fronte". The full ticket price is € 8, the reduced one is € 5.

Just as I was visiting the exhibition, I felt immediately involved with all the photos and documentaries that helped to connect with the humankind depicted in them. Usually, I admit it, I often consider photographic exhibitions to be quite boring; I run fast from picture to picture and I cannot get the real essence behind them.

With this one, however, I became deeply in involved with each snapshot; I scrutinized them with great care, as I wanted to put my soul into those ones of the refugees, prisoners and simple people affected by the cruelty of war and all kind of oppressions.

I read few a quotations; it is said that Capa has been a master in capturing the empathy of human beings, and I strong believe - after experiencing it in front of his works – that is a true and unconditional statement.

Nevertheless, one would be slightly relieved from the burdens of conflicts by watching the pictures taken on movie sets, which also give an evidence of the culturally changing times that were occurring after the war.

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