River Angas Walkway

River Angas Walkway


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There's a beautiful walk along the Angas River in Strathalbyn and the Information Centre there has a great brochure with a map and comprehensive information about what you can see along the way.

The brochure, entitled '' was prepared by Nancy Gemmell, Nigel Mallen and Frank Caspers. It's a handy guide so I strongly suggest you pick up a copy before starting the walk.

There are a number of ways to approach the walk. The brochure suggests you start at The Children's Bridge in the centre of town and walk either upstream or downstream. If you choose either of these, the return trip will be approximately 5kms. I chose to park my car at the northern end (at St Andrews Drive), walk the whole length of the walkway and then return, making it a 10km walk.

Along the way you'll see historical buildings and structures, native plants and birds, waterholes and wetlands.

If you choose to start, as I did, at the northern end, one of the first things you'll see is "The Lodge". It's an Historic Grand Country Homestead, originally owned by Sir Lancelot Stirling, an Australian politician and grazier who was born in Strathalbyn in 1849. As you approach the property you'll see some outbuildings.

Further on is the main house, which set in beautiful landscaped gardens and apparently boasts 16 main rooms.

The walkway crosses North Parade but before this you'll come to wetlands and a series of small pools. The atmosphere is tranquil with sounds of birdsong and chirping frogs.

You'll see a few boards along the way to add to the information in the brochure.

As you get closer to the centre of town things get really interesting. I was fascinated to see the old town swimming pool which is part of the river. A decision was made, in 1885, that this stretch of water would be set aside for swimming. In 1933 a weir was built to control the flow of water and in 1943 the floor was cemented. A new, modern pool was constructed close-by in 1968.

Soon you'll come to The Children's Bridge which has a delightful creation story. It was financed by a William Richardson, in 1919, and dedicated to his wife. The couple had no children of their own but were concerned that children had to cross the river on their way to school, via a series of stepping stones. This current bridge is an exact replica of the original, built in 1978.

Walk across The Children's Bridge to reach the other side of the river.

Here you'll find a grassy park with a tall bank leading up to Albyn Terrace. At the top of this bank is an old road making implement used to prepare West Terrace, Strathalbyn's fist bitumenised road.

Further along you'll walk underneath St Andrew's bridge where you'll get a view of the church with it's four spires.

Past Rotary Park you'll walk under Railway Bridge and through a nature reserve.

Towards the end of the walkway you'll see the ruins of a former Cobb and Co Coach House which dates back to the 1860's when two coach services operated between Strathalbyn and Adelaide.

This marks the end of the walkway so it's time to head back and enjoy the sights and scenery once more.

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