'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice' by Lane Cove Theatre Company - Review

'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice' by Lane Cove Theatre Company - Review


Posted 2014-04-13 by Jenny Hatton Mahonfollow

Thu 10 Apr 2014 - Sun 13 Apr 2014

I doubt that London's West End or New York's Broadway could have delivered a better production of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice as that performed by the Lane Cove Theatre Company (LCTC).

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, a play written by Jim Cartwright, is a story about finding your own voice and the trials and tribulations that punctuate the journey. Our audience was immediately drawn in as a spectator to Little Voice's complex domestic environment, central to which is an alcoholic mother (Mari), a scheming man-friend (Ray), a slightly nutty neighbour (Sadie) and an introverted love interest (Billy). The love interest is a young, self-effacing lad who, with simple honesty and selflessness, encourages Little Voice to find her own voice and with it, a sense of freedom. The performances were a dichotomy of humour and high drama.

The cast, Debbie Neilson as Little Voice, Wendy Martin as Mari, Nick Bolton as Ray Say, Luke Reeves as Billy, Michelle Bellamy as Sadie, Kevin Weir as Mr Boo and Mark Reiss as the Phone Man, were outstanding. The Director, Christine Firkin, could not have been more proud of this production.

Some readers may remember the movie version of Little Voice starring Jane Horrocks, Michael Caine, Brenda Blethyn, Jim Broadbent and Ewan McGregor. Well, the LCTC cast was just as memorable, if not moreso, as the audience to the LCTC's performance were part of it.

Speaking with members of the audience after the performance, it was evident that The Rise and Fall of Little Voice was only one of a long series of top class productions delivered by LCTC and there are more in the pipeline. For information on what's on, go to the LCTC website or its facebook page . This is seriously good theatre from a local theatre company who could rival our State and National theatre companies. I for one will be eagerly awaiting the next production.

Not only is it great theatre, it's great community. In its twenty years since formation, the LCTC has been committed to developing a thriving theatre community, a training ground for young performers and theatre technicians, and a hub for neighbourhood based theatre and arts events. Its contribution to the community has been recognised and rewarded by Council and many others.

Working in a non-profit model has meant that the LCTC is constantly working on funding solutions and it is currently at a crossroads. As Lane Cove is in a unique stage of growth and development, consideration is being given to the kind of cultural life it should support and foster in this unique community. Here is where you can help!

  • Support the LCTC by attending the productions. You will get a top class performance for a fifth of the cost of most State and National theatre company productions.
  • Support LCTC's call for a permanent performance space to be built as part of a proposed Lane Cove development by visiting and signing the online petition which can be accessed here .

  • So, like Little Voice, find your own voice, speak up and support the LCTC and make sure you get along to one or more of its productions, information for which can be found here .

    If you'd like to get involved on-stage or off-stage with the LCTC, see what opportunities there are here .

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