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Posted 2021-11-17 by Marina Marangos follow
Looking for a unique Christmas present? Look no further! You will have to pull out those favourite children's drawings from some cupboard where they are lovingly stored or something written by the family or for the family which is dear to you.

Rhianon Vechta, a ceramicist operating out of her studio in Red Hill is able to take your beloved children's drawing and put them on your own individual jug or pot - you can discuss what you would like with her and the end result is something that can be used and be admired on a daily basis and which will be unique to your family.

Now that is the perfect present, is it not!

Rhianon works in her Red Hill Ceramics Studio called . All of her work is inspired by different ideas of happiness and what brings happiness in life. This includes themes like The Happiness of Connection, The Happiness of Possibility, The Happiness of Interdependence and many more! These are functional art pieces that are not only beautiful, but also have layers of meaning within the designs.

Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to see the range and see new work emerge @Happyheartceramics
Email: [email protected]

She is open to visits and in her studio, you will be able to see her work which is influenced by the beautiful greenery in her garden which she looks out on. Her Green Series is just a beautiful garden on the inside and I have gone away with a few bits and pieces as I loved the gentle recreations of her rich environment on her ceramics.

She has a variety of ceramics to admire, so go along and see what you might be attracted to.

The Happiness of your daily life is important - Rhianon works that into hers - it's time you did too.

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