Revolution Sports Park, Newcastle

Revolution Sports Park, Newcastle


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Revolution is an indoor trampoline, inflatables and sports park, that is located in Sports Park/@-32.913447,151.755996,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x79df8702cd6e0893!8m2!3d-32.913447!4d151.755996 Maryville in Newcastle, NSW. At the time of writing (in 2020), it celebrated its 5th birthday and it is a popular venue for children's birthday parties, playgroups, events and classes . It is a large warehouse that sits amongst an industrial precinct, with plenty of free parking out the front of the building.

My daughter loves trampolines, so we decided to visit the centre during the school holidays to see what was inside. We arrived there just before the 9 am opening time and expected to see a queue out the front to get in - but to our delight, we were the first people there! When we entered, we were astounded at the size of the warehouse and the sight of all the different trampolines, ninja equipment and high inflatables at the back of the warehouse. It didn't take long before my daughter was out of her shoes and ready to start jumping!

When we first walked in the door we found the centre quite overwhelming, as there was a lot of terms and conditions to read and a lot of activity options to choose from. I would recommend checking out the website before your visit, as well as their Facebook for special deals and events on the day of your visit.

The cost of entry into Revolution depends on the height of the children you are taking and what you would like to include - such as trampolines, Ninja course, inflatables, Kiddies Arena and Bubble Soccer. There are passes for children under 120cm and people over 120cm - see here for the full price list and options for Newcastle.

As my daughter is over 120cm, I paid $17.50 for one hour to play on the trampolines, plus $3 for the grip socks. She then received a coloured band to put around her wrist, which indicated what sections she could enter and the time of her session. The weekend and school holiday sessions begin on the hour, so my daughter's yellow band lasted between 9 am - 10 am. I would recommend this first session of the day, as there were only about a dozen kids playing on our visit - but when we left, the 10 am session had a queue out the door!

With a quick change into her grip socks, my daughter was off! First stop was the Main Arena - which she had all to herself ...

She then jumped in the Dodge Ball Arena, while I threw balls at her from the doorway. If you would like to play a game of dodgeball, there were instructions at the entrance for how to play a full game. I then followed my daughter to the Performance Trampolines, where we saw a couple of boys do amazing flips and tricks on the high-performance Olympic-grade mats. There was also an airbag to jump into, which was full of foam cubes with a cover over the top.

Also nearby was a Ninja Wall, which you can run up to see if you can get up to the top. It looks much higher in real life than it does on Ninja Warrior on television!

Next, it was time to check out the basketball hoops with trampolines underneath ... and she wasn't even getting tired!

Revolution also has children's birthday party packages and a Recharge food outlet, so you can have a snack or coffee during or after your session. No outside food is allowed in, so keep that in mind when you plan for the day.

One hour was enough time to enjoy Revolution, as my daughter was bright red, happy, thirsty and exhausted at the end of the hour. I'm sure, however, that she would have happily stayed another hour or more and tried the Ninja course and inflatables afterwards. I personally enjoyed following her around to see all the fun she was getting up to, and next time I will also pay for myself, so I can have a jump too!

When we were at the Main Arena, I saw a Dad jumping with his three sons and he was bright red in the face. "It looks like hard work," I said to him with a smile. He laughed, then grimaced. "I've only been here 5 minutes!" he said with a groan - so take your energy!

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