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Posted 2015-08-21 by Violet Hendrixfollow

I will never forget the moment that I first met the lovely Lyndell - now manager of in Townsville. Both mothers to big families, we had turned up to a 12 week fitness challenge, a little exhausted and worse for wear after a week of 24 hour parent duties (as you do) and getting weighed and measured for the start of the challenge. We were both determined and excited for the challenge, when we overheard some young men making some really awful comments about us. As I remember the story, we both said to each other "You know what? we can do this!" and Lyndell went on to blitz the challenge, be featured in multiple news articles for her incredible fitness achievements, and become the successful and inspirational manager of in Townsville.

It is important to tell the beginning part of the story, to really understand why is such a special place. As a mother of 4, there have been times (especially post-birth) when I have been completely unfit and felt unable to go to the gym (not to mention, petrified of going near a gym trainer) however I started the Mum's and Bub's classes at only a few months after giving birth to our 4th child and felt completely at home there.

Mum's and Bubs Classes

The first aspect of the Mum's and Bub's classes that I really loved was the trainer. At the time when we attended, we had a lovely instructor (a mum herself) assist us with baby-friendly exercises that were adapted to suit you. Which meant that exercises were gentle and we weren't made to run or do jarring or harsh movements that could be potentially damaging after giving birth. I also loved that we were able to bring our baby along, and if bub was crying, a friend/ another mum in the class would assist by giving our bub a quick cuddle while I had arms free to complete the circuit. Exercises were conducted out in a big spacious park, and were moved to a comfortable air-conditioned area when the weather got too hot to exercise outside. As homeschoolers, our children were always welcomed, which is also a big plus for us.

Other Classes/ Bootcamps

also offer multiple bootcamp and personal training options, and their Facebook feed is always full of groups of happy exercisers in green outfits/ tutus and wigs, just getting out and having fun getting fit. It is really rare to find a business like this, that is not only family-friendly but is also genuinely passionate about what they do, really care about helping you to achieve your goals, and have life experience in what it takes to go from being a non-exerciser to enjoying exercise!

If you are in or around Townsville, I would definitely recommend having a look at joining in the antics of the fun and inspirational team!

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