Revival Volume 4: Escape to Wisconsin - Book Review

Revival Volume 4: Escape to Wisconsin - Book Review


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"When the dead people came back, everything changed. All the stuff that used to be impossible isn't impossible no more. All the things that adults said us kids didn't have to be afraid of...It's not that it doesn't exist or can't hurt us. It's just that they don't see it".

Revival is a horror comic series written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by Mike Norton. It was originally published in monthly issues from 2012 to 2017 and has since been reprinted in a series of trade paperbacks. I started reading the series a few years ago, then got distracted. Recently I was reminded of it when I read the indie comic Beneath Us , which has a similar art style, so I decided to give this series another go.

Volume 1 set the scene, in a small town in rural Wisconsin where, in an event that became known as the Revival, many of the dead came back to life. Detective Dana Cyprus deals with the fallout of the event, which is close to home since her sister, Em, is one of the revived.

Em meets Rhody 'Road Rash' Rashe.

In volume 4, Dana interviews Randy, the mortuary technician who was unfortunate enough to have a man revive during cremation, about the identity and current whereabouts of the burned man. She hopes he might be the key to finding out who killed her sister. At home, Dana's son, Cooper is still trying to get his mother to believe him about the mysterious glowing figure he keeps seeing in the woods. Meanwhile, Em is dealing with some alarming side effects from her resurrection, as well as making friends with fellow reviver and YouTube star Rhodey "Road Rash" Rashe.

The FBI have been called in over the disappearance of the Check Brothers, who were trading in revivers' organs in one of the previous volumes until Em put a stop to it. The mayor is still up to no good, and someone is digging a tunnel under the wall to break quarantine. In short, there is a lot going on in this little town. And although Dana already has her hands full with it all, she is summoned to New York to investigate a murder there.

The plot of Revival has become increasingly complex, and difficult to summarise without spoilers, as it goes on. I would recommend starting with the first volume and reading the whole series in order, without leaving a gap of several years in between causing you to forget what the heck is going on, but that last part is probably obvious to most people.

I really like the way the writer has thought through the implications of an event like the revival, and the many different ways that people might react to it. The art is skillfully rendered, with characters who are easy to differentiate. It's also disturbing and occasionally gory, so not for the squeamish.

Also included in this volume is Chew Revival , a one shot crossover between Revival and the more lighthearted and even weirder comic series Chew.

Revival is a creepy, clever, horror comic that seems well worth following to the end.

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