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Posted 2012-02-18 by David Francisfollow
Modern life for you may be working, running a house-hold, or just trying to keep pace with the world. Whatever it means to you, life brings with it certain levels of stress. An ancient remedy for a modern problem is Remedial Massage.

The combines the therapeutic massage skills of Kristy Jenkinson (formerly Kristy Norman) and Julie Gryst, with naturopath Lisa White and a team of exercise physiologists led by Jessica Northcott. These are independent operators now under the Retreat banner and are best contacted by their mobile numbers as sessions are by appointment.

The need to relieve stress is recognised by many health funds as a significant advantage in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to the extent that they offer health rebates for a certain number of massages (by accredited businesses) per year.

It is one of life's ironies that dictates those who may be most in need of something are the last to seek it out. Women have known and used massage to a far greater extent than men, although that is changing with younger males. A man over the age of forty is more likely to have a remedial massage if it's suggested by a female, arranged for him, and he's pushed through the door for his first appointment. The Retreat offer sports massage, so that might be a good, macho way to start him off.

After the first appointment, however, chances are he'll be hooked as the benefits become obvious. The very first time can leave you with a flu-like feeling afterwards, due to toxins being released as muscles long left knotted are deeply manipulated back into shape. After that it is pure relaxation – apart from any specific areas you may want looked at, which is where the "remedial" (providing a remedy) comes in.

The type of qualification and the level of knowledge of the human body are what distinguish a remedial massage therapist from a massage therapist you might find at, say, a beauty parlour. You may find a more holistic approach taken to whatever ails you, too, and the Retreat offers alternative remedies, such as naturopathy, Chinese cupping, reflexology, and aromatherapy to complement the massage therapy.

The exercise physiologists specialise in rehabilitation through exercise programs specifically designed to the needs of the individual.

The cost of massage therapy is $60 for a one hour appointment. Naturopathy is $90 for an initial seventy-five minute appointment, and fifty minute follow-up appointments are $65. Other times and prices are available for both.

Contacts are:
Kristy Jenkinson: 0401 945 468 Remedial and Pregnancy Massage Therapist
Julie Gryst: 0411 510 033 Natural Therapist and Holistic Massage Therapist
Lisa White: 0401 347 136 Naturopath
Jessica Northcott: 0413 008 215 Exercise Physiologist

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