Red Teapot Chinese Restaurant

Red Teapot Chinese Restaurant


Posted 2012-08-24 by Astenfollow

I stumbled upon this little beauty thanks to a popular discount voucher website which basically entitled me to 52% off. Score! I had never heard of it before and therefore had no expectations of the place. It is almost camouflaged amongst a sea of virtually identical Asian restaurants along William Street. There is nothing significant about its street-front appearance, in fact, I walked past the place without seeing it and had to backtrack. The interior was clean and simple, and the background music was an interesting mix of cover songs performed in a chilled out way by an unknown. Random ... but my friend and I made a game of guessing the song before the lovely singer got to the chorus, which was actually quite fun. Who knew? Onto the food.

My friend and I fell in love with the sound of many of the entrees, and decided to order a yum cha style meal and try lots of little different dishes. The first dishes to arrive were the 'fried prawn, pork and vegetable wontons' ($5.90) and the 'sesame prawn toast' ($6.90). The wontons were disappointing as they were all pastry and minimal filling. The prawn toast was pretty good, although not sensational. I started to think that the restaurant was just another one of the average Chinese restaurants that populate Perth. The next two dishes proved me wrong. The 'deep fried spring rolls' ($6.90) and 'satay beef sticks' ($6.90) arrived and we were extremely impressed. The spring rolls were fresh and full to the point of popping (which is rare and was very much treasured). They were crisp and super tasty. It came as part of a trio and my friend and I loved them so much that we didn't even consider being polite and offering the spare spring roll to the other person. My mate expertly manoeuvred his chopsticks to cut the delightful spring roll in half and we chomped it down without delay.

Now, this next part is a big statement but I stand by it: the beef satay was the best I have EVER had (No exaggeration). The beef was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. It was flavourful and the satay sauce was finger licking good…or should I say plate licking good. We scraped every remnant of sauce onto our plates, leaving not a dollop behind. The sauce was not overly peanuty which made for a refreshing change. You could taste the lemongrass and garlic and ginger and lime and coconut milk and the love that went into it.

The next dish to arrive was the 'Special Chicken' ($14.90), which stated that it was deep fried chicken with a special sauce. We were curious and decided to take a risk and stray away from the typical honey or lemon chicken. We tried to guess what flavours were in the sauce and decided that it was kind of like an apricot sweet and sour sauce. It was a little too sweet for our taste and perhaps would have been better suited to a buffet style meal with a selection of different dishes. It was hot, fresh and very nice though. We teamed it with some steamed rice ($2.00) and were almost at the point of might-have-to-undo-the-top-button-of-our-pants-gluttony.

We decided to splurge and get dessert anyway, and I am sooooo glad that we did. We went for the standard fried ice-cream ($6.90) order, although I must admit that I was tempted by the crispy buns with condensed milk and crispy coconut and jam buns…but I will have to save those for my next visit—and there will be another visit. The friendly waitress bought out two giant blobs of delicious fried vanilla ice-creamy goodness. The outside was crispy and slightly coconutty which was nice and the inside was creamy and cool. There was a perfect amount of chocolate sauce dribbling down the sides of the gorgeous orb and once again, not a drop was wasted.

Overall, the staff were smiley and attentive. Our waitress was quick to bring out cold tap water and clean glasses (I only mention this because I often find faint lipstick marks and finger smears on my water glasses so I am appreciative of such a simple gesture!) The food was fresh and cheap and my friend and I had a pleasant dining experience. This is a great place to visit on a student budget and everyone should give it a go.

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