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Celebrating 10 Years and a New Venue

Owners Martin and Melissa - Images Writers Own

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Red Gum BBQ 's 10th Anniversary on Friday 27 October 2023. Getting to the restaurant at 87 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill was a cruisy event, hopping on a Hop It bus waiting at the bus bay at Federation Square in the CBD. The service was great, and you should check them out via the given link if you're after exploring Melbourne's wine regions with their hop-on hop-off wine tours so you don't have to worry about drinking and driving. An hour and a bit down the track we arrived at our destination as scheduled. The venue is an enormous open shed-style restaurant that once was a truck mechanic's work shed. If you'd like to know how it all began, find out more on the website . It's a story of love and passion for the American authentic southern-style barbecue all the way, and one of a girl from Florida and a boy from Norfolk, England.

Red Gum BBQ at Red Hill, Halloween ready

There were 13 of us at the table, but there was nothing unlucky about this number on this beautiful day, starting with the weather which really turned it on for us. Amongst us were the owners Martin and Melissa who gave us a tour of their venue. We had a look at the private dining area which is flexible enough to be configured into perfect spaces for weddings, private dining, corporate events, team building activities, birthdays, or any kind of celebration or occasion. Melissa and Martin have incorporated recycled materials every which way they can in decorating the venue; from twigs and mason jar overhead lighting to walls and furniture. Passionate and committed to ethical practices, they are the first and only B Corp Certified restaurant in Australia.

Private Dining at Red Hill

Next, we walked through the humongous restaurant area and headed for the pits where some meats were getting ready to be cooked in the smoker. These custom built magical equipment X3 that produce tender smoked meats using red gum wood have names; Dolly (Parton), Willie (Nelson) and Patsy (Cline), along with Big Red the transportable. Sitting amongst the cookers, there's also a custom hog cooker that cooks the whole hog in one go. All meats cooked at Red Gum BBQ are free-range, and ethically sourced, so every time you dine there, you're assured of eating only the best produce from our Australian ethical farmers.

Meet one of 3 customised cookers

Think grass-fed beef, free range pork and chicken, though Melissa explains free range pork was the hardest of all to source. It seems an estimated 97% of pigs are raised indoors with no access to the outside, leaving just 3% of pigs that are considered free range or organic. It's about supply and demand and Melissa encourages support for farmers doing it better, because ethical farming and free range matters, so get on board! If you'd like to learn more about these mouthwatering cuts like beef brisket and beef short ribs, from cow to plate and learn the secrets of low and slow cooking from an expert Pitmaster as he shares years of trade knowledge, a Pitmaster Masterclass just might be the ticket for you. Held once a month and very popular, the one in November has already sold out, so if you want to catch the one on 7 Dec 2023 from, 6-8.30pm, book your Pitmaster Class here at the ticket cost of $175.

Sit indoors or out at Red Hill

Stay in touch with Red Gum BBQ via social media as they are renowned for holding events throughout the year eg. Rum Night: From Barrel to BBQ upcoming on Friday 3 November 2023 from 6-9pm. It's going to be a perfectly paired Southern feast with each course matched with an award-winning handcrafted rum and a couple of cheeky cocktails. You'll also meet the makers behind JimmyRum and Red Gum BBQ. They're all set to share their secrets on crafting top-notch spirits and BBQ excellence, so come armed with your burning questions! Just click on the given link for your $89 limited tickets. Grab your mates for a good night out of smokin' good food and great company.

Melt in the mouth goodness

One thing you'll learn is that you need to book ahead before they reach capacity - so is it too soon to talk about their upcoming Annual Thanksgiving Feast ? Held on Saturday 25 November 2023 from 11am to 1.30pm, make a booking to experience the heartwarming traditions of this special holiday at $85 for adults and $25 for kids. Find out more via given links to experience a special set menu and the warm embrace of shared-style dishes, creating the perfect atmosphere for this cherished holiday. Whether you're an American ex-pat or a food enthusiast seeking an authentic Thanksgiving experience, you'll be transported to a world as Southern as sweet tea, complete with all the beloved fixings and the heart and soul of genuine southern hospitality.

Variety of meats, chicken, cornbread and mac n cheese

Getting back to our day of 10 year anniversary celebrations, the long shared table where we 13 sat was generously laid out with more food than we could eat. So much so, many of the guests were leaving no meat behind and took the rest home in takeaway containers. We had brisket, pulled pork, sausages, meatballs, smoked chicken, and more, accompanied by a variety of salads and pickles and the cornbread with honeyed butter the Hop It owner/driver Jon couldn't stop talking about on the drive over. Batter fried beans and the creamiest Mac N Cheese our other accompaniments. I'd have that any day.

Beans done differently

Needless to say, all the meats were melt in the mouth tender, you can leave your dentures at home (don't ask how I know). Being ladylike went out the window when sucking the tender meat straight off the bone, caveman style. It was a beautiful shared experience of good food and good conversation - Ikigai as Melissa a true believer injects. It's the Japanese concept that means your 'reason for being', and describes value or worth. It's what brings you joy and inspires you to get out of bed every day. If you'd like to find out more about Ikigai and Blue Zones to aid longevity, check out this Netflix series Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones - which I've watched, and you'll learn it's more than just the food we eat that contribute to long and vibrant lives. Ikigai has a lot to do with it.


Next stop, we were on the road again, heading towards Red Gum BBQ's new venue at Seaford. Stay tuned on social media for more on the Seaford venue, which is again, amidst the industrial area. There's a method to the madness as they say, with industrial workers galore, the Seaford venue is going to be the perfect place to drop in for a bite to eat or takeaway as it's going to be largely lunch based and takeaway. Seating wise, there are just two shared tables seating around six people at a table, with a bit more seating by the window, along a bench top. Once again, the hand of sustainability shows with recycled materials giving it that slightly industrial look. You'll also be able to purchase the same delicious sauces and rubs as you can at Red Hill, and of course via the online shop .

Newborn Red Gum BBQ At Home in Seaford

You might note that each sauce bottle and rub comes with a little story about the family. Melissa and Martin embrace not just their friends, but their employees and their patrons as family and have built quite a little community for themselves. Sharing snippets about the family on the sauce bottles and rubs is not just a great marketing move but also endearing and personalises the experience. My favourite, Grandma Mildred's Gold Sauce has a spiel about Grandma Mildred the Pioneer who sounds like quite a bad-assed confident and strong lady, taking the road less travelled.

Chef at Red Gum BBQ Seaford

Seaford is Chef ready, and ready to serve up some great food, synonymous with Red Gum BBQ, so be sure to pay them a visit and check out the new venue. For our visit and last stop for the day, there were hot and soft drinks as required, plus some dessert in the form of banana pudding in a glass, and brownies with, and without, walnuts. Writing this just reminded me I had tucked away my piece of brownie in my bag because I was just too full from the lunch. I've just dug it out and I'm happy to report, unrefrigerated and in my bag for two days, it's just as delicious and moist as the little bite I took on the day.

Seating at Seaford

Seaford was our last stop before heading home. I did ask Melissa if they had a plan B should a throng of people turn up, more than the current seating could handle. More for lunchtime drop ins and takeaway, down the track there'll no doubt be more seating outside added as required. Give it time as this new baby has a soft opening. Speaking of which, did you know Red Gum BBQ has takeaway and subscription options? You can have your BBQ feast delivered to your home across most regions in Victoria. You'll receive vac sealed meats and sides delivered cold and ready to be simply heated and assembled. You'll even get a toe tapping playlist to recreate the Red Gum BBQ vibes in your home. See here to order your Subscription Box . Get the FAQs here .

Sauces available for purchase at Seaford too

If it's takeaway you're after, see here . Do note that all takeaway orders must be placed through the takeaway menu and not the dine-in menu. If it asks for your table number and you're at home, you know you're in the wrong section. If you can make it to the restaurant, that's the best option to get the full experience, the atmosphere and the service. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and open from 11am to 8pm Wed-Thu; 11am-9pm Fri-Sat and 11am-4pm Sunday.

Rubs available at Seaford as well

If you're heading in, here's the menu . Keep in mind you're getting the best meats out there that have been sustainable and ethically sourced, free range, grass fed etc. for the price. Heading into the restaurant at Red Hill, I noticed they had blackboards overhead at the counter in the main dining area, which probably changes from day to day. I thought it quite reasonable for the care and quality of the meat you're getting, with 6 buffalo wings for $16; house made beef brisket, pork sausage with jalapeno and cheese 150g at $14; grass fed beef brisket 150g 12 hour smoked at $26; free range pulled pork 150g at $20; free range chicken smoked breast with Alabama white sauce at $20; 300g lamb ribs for $36 as a special price. There was also Rosemary's Baby cocktails and Kentucky apple pie on offer. Take family, take friends, and discover Red Gum BBQ, or become a repeat customer and be part of the home of the largest American Southern-style smoked BBQ and craft beer joint in Australia.

Banana Pudding and Brownies with or without nuts

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