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Posted 2023-11-14 by Jenfollow

NEW Seaford Venue

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I recently attended Red Gum BBQ's 10th Anniversary celebrations at their 87 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill restaurant on 27 October, and was privy to the awakening rumblings of the Red Gum BBQ At Home venture at 21 Rutherford Rd, Seaford. This is the owners Martin and Melissa's new establishment that opened officially for business on 1 November 2023, purely for lunch takeaways. The kitchen is ready to serve you from 11am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. It draws inspiration from its authentic Southern-style BBQ roots in Red Hill; with Red Gum BBQ At Home introducing a diverse takeaway menu with burger and sandwich-style food options. You'll still be able to savour Red Gum BBQ's classic low and slow-smoked brisket or pulled pork rolls, along with a delicious twist on the traditional barbecue, with the buttermilk chicken fried sandwiches. The Seaford venue is also where you'll find your favourite RGB Sauces and Rubs.

This is only the beginning; the menu will no doubt evolve and change regularly, and allow Red Gum BBQ to experiment with various flavours and regional specialities, so stay tuned via social media for the latest innovations and BBQ surprises. If you'd like to sit down and enjoy your meal, there's a small dine-in area. It's very different from the Red Hill venue where you can get table sittings and share-style meals. The Seaford Red Gum BBQ At Home features at-home products like rubs, sauces, easy reheat food items and a variety of popular takeaway choices.

The current menu on hand at the walk-in/takeaway Seaford venue has the RGB Brisket Roll at $20; Pulled Pork Roll $20; Fried Chicken Sandwich $20; Smoked Mushroom Burger $18; Fries $9/$18 and Coffee $6. Do keep in mind that RGB only gives you the best as they only source local, sustainable, free-range, grass-fed and ethically farmed produce and encourage everyone to buy ethically sourced products from Australian ethical farmers. As aforementioned, expect the menu to change, evolve and grow as demands and the venue grows. So go ahead and visit the Seaford venue, check out what they have to offer, stop and have a bite to eat for lunch, and walk away with a few of their wonderful rubs, sauces and more. As your demands grow, so will what is stocked and on offer at Seaford. Not only will you be supporting small and local businesses, but our wonderful farmers who work hard to put food on our plates.

However, if a full-on sit-down meal with loved ones is what you want, the original and arguably the largest barbecue restaurant in Australia at Red Hill is the one you want. If you've never been, you really need to experience their melt-in-the-mouth southern-style barbecue. If you have a vegetarian in the family, worry not. A little fun fact you might not know is that RGB also caters for vegetarians. So if you have your heart set on low and slow-cooked barbecue, know that any vegetarians in your group will not miss out. Go ahead and make a booking and enjoy a craft beer to go with your meal. RGB offers craft beers that have been sourced from either local Mornington Peninsula brewers or from within a 30km range from Red Hill. It's a decision made intentionally, and as a B Corp business, they believe in wholeheartedly supporting their local community and are passionate about the relationships and outcomes they create together. So every time you enjoy a refreshing beer at RGB, know that you're supporting a local brewer to make their mark in the world. It might also interest you to know that RGB is the first and only B Corp Certified restaurant in Australia. B Corps are businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Thanksgiving Event Sat 25 Nov 2023

RGB is celebrating having a Thanksgiving event coming up soon that you might want to experience. It's no surprise with Melissa being from Florida, RGB celebrates Thanksgiving annually. If you'd like to join RGB for Thanksgiving Lunch, see here for event details. The lunch will be held on Saturday 25 November 2023 from 11am to 1.30pm at Red Hill, but first make a booking here for the given date to enjoy this annual feast. Tickets are $85 Adults and $25 Kids. Give yourself a break from the kitchen, enjoy great food and gather, give thanks and celebrate the bonds that matter most. Whether you're an American ex-pat or a food enthusiast seeking an authentic Thanksgiving experience, now is the time. You'll be transported to a world as Southern as sweet tea, complete with all the beloved fixings and the heart and soul of genuine southern hospitality.

The special set menu includes RGB's signature Southern-Smoked free-range turkey, generously filled with classic gravy, fried sage, brown butter, and a tasty sausage and apple stuffing. You can also savour green bean casserole with crispy shallots, maple pecan sweet potato casserole, peas and cheese, and RGB's famous drunken cranberries. Pair your meal with a fresh dinner roll and satisfy your sweet tooth with Mama's 'not store bought' pecan pie or the delightful pumpkin pie. The little ones get a special crafted menu that features turkey roll, mac n cheese and a sweet finale of ice cream. This one-of-a-kind menu is an annual tradition you won't want to miss and a great time to experience RGB if you never have. Go along and give thanks the Southern way. If you absolutely cannot make it but want a taste of that slow-smoked barbecue, you know you can always order takeaway or get a subscription box right here or shop online here . Better still, if you'd like to learn the secrets of low and slow cooking from RGB's expert Pitmaster, stay in touch via social media eg Facebook for the next Pitmaster Masterclass held regularly at RGB. It may be a little late to attend the one on 16 Nov, but the given link will give you an idea of what to expect at this Masterclass.

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