Red Dwarf - Television Review

Red Dwarf - Television Review


Posted 2012-10-15 by Temafollow
With its 10th season recently released, I thought I'd review about this amazing show that is Red Dwarf.

Red Dwarf is a classic British comedy series that has been on air since 1988, and its current release has been delightful to watch so far.

Red Dwarf follows themes of fantasy, futuristic sci-fi and comraderie at its finest. This is a show for those who enjoy British humour and gives its viewers a chance to forget about their mundane lives with its colorful script and cast.

The characters of this epic show include:
Dave Lister (Craig Charles) - A self-proclaimed bum who seems to be the life of the party aboard the spaceship and the only survivor of the Red Dwarf II accident that took place a couple million years ago.
Rimmer (Chris Barrie) - A neurotic coward who always wished to be captain of the ship but never ended up getting to that stage. He has now been transformed into a hologram.
The Cat (Danny John-Jules) - A humanoid evolved from Dave Lister's pet cat. He has got style, eloquence and class, in the strangest manner possible.
Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) - An American-accented robot who joined the crew in Season II and tries to instill order in the space ship through behavorial advice and manners.

In addition to this fantastic cast is the computer on the spaceship - Holly - who follows the commands issued to it by the crew members, but has a witty streak of its own.

The show has a great way of unfolding the history behind the crew members and the reason of hostility or apathy faced by them over the years while being aboard the Red Dwarf II (prior to the accident). There are elements that are introduced in the powerful storyline - family members, love interests, goals of life (to name a few).

Yes, they may be using lame props and highly exaggerated dialogues, but that's what Red Dwarf is all about. It didn't take me too long to immerse myself in this dynamic culture, and that's why I believe that YOU (the reader) would be attracted to this show. So give it a shot, buy the DVDs and prepare to have your comic streak satisfied.

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