Red Door Bakery, Goodwood

Red Door Bakery, Goodwood


Posted 2012-08-10 by Dave Walshfollow

The Red Door Bakery at West Croydon has attracted quite a following, but I haven't had an opportunity to visit it yet. It was interesting to hear that they were opening a second outlet on King William Road in Goodwood.

As I mentioned in my review of another bakery in Hyde Park , the locals are in serious danger of becoming blobs if they patronise the wealth of eateries in the area and indulge themselves.]

After a false start on Tuesday when I called at the bakery and it was closed, I gained admission today to bring you a peek. The shop is modestly sized with some tables for customers to eat at.

The friendly assistant behind the counter seemed a little bemused by my taking photos, but had no objections. He told me that the bakery will open on Mondays and Tuesday within a month or so after staffing is sorted.

While he was getting my order I checked out the drinks cabinet, but was disappointed to find no flavoured milks. There was a selection of bottled drinks which looked like premium (priced?) fruit drinks, but I didn't recognise them.

I had chosen a couple of sausage rolls for lunch - one was Hay Valley lamb and Moroccan eggplant, while the other was Berkshire free range pork and sage. I rarely eat sausage rolls but these were tempting flavour combinations. Prices weren't listed on the main boards so I was a little surprised to find myself up for $10 (although I should have noticed prices in the warming tray).

My surprise was somewhat mollified when I took a look at the sausage rolls - they really are quite bulky and noticeably bigger than your normal sausage roll. The pastry is light and ever so flaky, and in no time myself and the car seat were covered in a sea of pastry flakes.

The first bite was actually quite unpleasant, because the part of the bottom of the sausage roll was black and pretty much charcoal. Luckily only the one small area was burnt, and the rest of the roll was deliciously flavoured once I got over the first bite.

I had only a fairly light appetite and after finishing the first I was really unsure whether I could eat the second roll. But in the interest of science and you, dear reader, I persevered. Of course I should have learnt from the first roll, because exactly the same thing happened - part of the under side was blackened and completely obliterated all other taste.

It was very disappointing but after a couple of mouthfuls I was finally able to discern the Moroccan flavouring and enjoy the spicy taste. I couldn't finish it though, as I was quite full enough. So as far as value for money goes, I'm happy with the price. Hopefully quality control will improve in the future because this bakery has earned a great reputation at West Croydon.

I will be back again sometime. The Red Door Bakery definitely deserves that. But I will be sure to check the bottoms before I eat anything from here again.

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