Recollections of World War I in Udine

Recollections of World War I in Udine


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Europe and Italy are sublime, full of outstanding places, art and quality food. However, we must not forget that all this culture had been gone through heavy and oppressive wars.

My region has been a strategic military area over the years, because it borders to Slovenia (ex Croatia) to the east and to Austria to the north.

During the First World War, Austria was coupled with Hungary in the Austria-Hungarian Empire that was adversary to Italy.

In the upper north side of Udine province, there is a place called Timau - located within the regional Carniche Alps - that was the field of several fights among Italian versus Austrian soldiers. The village is still today a destination for classes involved in studying History and for all those individuals who are interested in the subject and that they do not want to forget the sacrifice of our forefathers to achieve peace and freedom.

As a natural area with many mountains and thus, good hideaways, between 1915 and 1917 the five-hundred inhabitants place was the perfect choice for the opposite armies to take their offensives.

From those sad days few tangible proves lasted to the present generations:

-An old green rusty panzer. I think you can include this in the design and mechanical archaeology, in addition to the historical value it brings with it.

-A Temple - charnel house was erected to commemorate the honour of the 1764 soldiers deceased here. The architecture is essentially simple and Nordic, with arches, a wide and high tympanum, just to put the image of the Crucifix.

-An iron memorial plaque that recalls 75 unknown soldiers buried in that, now free, soil.

The matter is quiet gloomy, but it would be an opportunity for people that will stop here in the middle of their hiking activities to refresh their minds, reflect a little on what was the past about and try to build a more awareness of the humankind progress.

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