Recent Songs About Angels

Recent Songs About Angels


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After early songs about angels and 1980s songs about angels , we are winding this trio of columns up with the third one, all of them looking at a topic that apparently has something to do with Christmas. While I feel I might be using the term “recent” loosely here, considering it is from the 1990s until now, there are songs from very recently (including 2020) here, so that counts, right?

We’ve gone back into real ballad territory again with this column, but there are some songs here that are all-time classics and so well-known that it more than makes up for some slower tracks.

With that in mind, here’s Recent Songs About Angels!

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Just to say it again for anyone coming in late, the use of the term angel in music is often done to portray a person or part of a person as close to perfect, at least in the songwriter’s eyes.

Usual rules apply: the word “angel” appears in the title, one song per artist over the three columns, one version of each song over the three columns, no live only tracks, I need to like the song. They are listed in chronological order, the date of first release, either as single or the home album, and for this column, that is from the year 1990 until today. These are not only charting singles, but songs from my collection that fulfill the requirement and that I like. Oh, and to repeat, there are no Christmas carols here. And no Guy Sebastian; I do not like his ‘angel’ song.

Here are Recent Songs About Angels!

Ordinary Angels’ by Frente (1992)

Okay, let’s start with Frente and one of their songs that was popular in Australia and which should have – at the time – done better, especially in the Australian charts. Angie Hart’s voice is so lovely, and this song is such a good example of that.

Angel Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler (1992)

The title track from the 1992 album is verging on a power ballad, but Tyler still sounds as good as she did all through the 1980s. The album itself is okay, and I can understand why, at the time, this was not released as a single, but it is one of my favourites from the collection.

It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels’ by Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette, feat. Kitty Wells (1993)

The original was done by Kitty Wells as a response song to ‘Wild Side Of Life’… which I first heard by Status Quo! Anyway, I just prefer this version with the three country singing ladies, and Wells having a cameo spot. It just has a better vocal sound, to me.

Angels’ by John Farnham (1993)

Had a couple by Farnham to choose from, but went for this one, because this reminds me of an old friend Emma from back in the day. His voice soars – as it often does – and the song is just a beautiful track.

Angels’ by Robbie Williams (1997)

I think if I had left this song off the list, I would have been lynched. Just as well I like it! Back in the 90s, I wanted to dislike Robbie Williams’ music when he went solo… but I couldn’t There are so many of his songs that are really good, and this is a modern classic. I just wish they would ban people from butchering it at karaoke.

I’m No Angel’ by Dido (1999)

I got into Dido’s music through ‘Stan’ by Eminem (sorry), and I am glad I did. Songs like this one show how great her voice is, and the way she chooses the musical accompaniment is so good.

Angel’ by Shaggy (2001)

Let’s hit some hip-hop, taking the ‘Angel Of The Morning’ sound for the chorus and then adding some fine verses between. This song struck me so much I bought the CD single. It is done well.

Wish I Had An Angel’ by Nightwish (2004)

Symphonic rock at its finest, with Nightwish just giving it their all and the whole thing designed to make your head move back and forth at a frantic pace. What a song! It is music like this that makes me so glad I discovered this genre of music.

Angel’ by Judas Priest (2005)

Judas Priest in power ballad mode, a chance for Rob Halford to show his time away from the band (he had rejoined in 2004 after a few years away) had not dimmed his singing, and to show they could play some great melodic guitar. Highlight of the Angel Of Retribution album.

Angels Calling’ by Sabaton feat. Apocalyptica (2006)

Take hard rock act Sabaton and mix in symphonic rock act Apocalyptica and you get this magnificent piece of music. They mesh together so well, and the song is such a great one.

Looking For Angels’ by Skillet (2006)

My son introduced me to Skillet and, while I have since discovered they are not the favourite of rock critics, and they do play a brand of rock I tend to avoid, I found myself enjoying much of their music. Like this song.

Angels Like You’ by Miley Cyrus (2020)

And we finish with Miley Cyrus. I prefer Miley when she sings country or rock, and here she is in rock mode. This is a modern power ballad, and her slightly rough voice suits it really well. I know, interesting way to finish these columns, but still a good one.

A dozen more songs to finish these “angels” columns. Pop, rock, hard rock, country, hip-hop and symphonic rock… which means we remained eclectic in our musical choices. And, for a last time, I hope you have enjoyed the thirty-four angels songs from three columns!


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