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13 Reasons Why 2013 Could Be An Unlucky Year

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by glenop (subscribe)
So much to little time to see it all.
Published December 21st 2012
Will 2013 be a bad year?

The number 13 means bad luck right? Many people have an irrational fear of all things 13. It's called Triskaidekaphobia. There's Friday the 13th. There are 13 turns in a hangman's noose. Buildings don't have a 13th floor. There were thirteen people around the table at the last supper counting Christ and the twelve apostles. The end of the Mayan calendar's 13th Baktun was superstitiously feared to signal the end of the world but we have apparently survived it.

So will 2013 turn out to be a bad year? What can go wrong? Well, lots!

1. The Fiscal Cliff. On the 1st January 2013, the U.S economy could be headed over the fiscal cliff and take the rest of the world with it unless the Democrats and Republicans can strike an agreement on tax cuts. If you think the depression was bad, this could be worse.

2. The European Economy. Europe is a basket case going no-where with almost every country in recession or next to zero growth. This has impacted hard on China and as a consequence, Australia's mining boom. This is not good.

3. The Australian Economy. As above, our economy is slowing putting jobs, maybe yours, at risk.

4. Year of the Snake. The Chinese year of the snake is bad news. It traditionally brings many challenges and disasters. It's a year of obstacles. Australia is the home of some of the world's deadliest snakes. Don't get bitten because it will end up bad for you.

5. Horoscopes. For all you followers of horoscopes, 2013 is a mixed bag, but for some, it can only be bad news. If you are an Aquarian, the omens are not good with your love life about to hit a snag. Taureans beware as you will encounter family problems.

6. Television series Breaking Bad ends. 2013 will see the 5th and last season of Breaking Bad. This can only be bad news for Breaking Bad fans.

7. Solar flares. Scientists have warned that wild solar flares are expected during 2013 which may create blackouts, chaos and panic throughout the world. Some warn of Armageddon.

8. Friday the 13th. Bunker down and stay in bed Friday the 13th 2013 in September and December if you are the least bit spooked about the number 13.

9. The 2013 Election. We can look forward to more shenanigans between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott and as Tony Abbott puts it, we can look forward to an election campaign that will be the "filthiest and the most personal in living memory". Everyone is bound to be badly effected one way or the other during this election year.

10. Don't get married. Thinking of getting married during 2013? The superstitious types amongst you might think twice about tying the knot. It's best not to get hooked up on the idea of getting married.

11. Don't have kids. The very thought of having a child during 2013 seems to have some prospective mothers spooked. Will it mean a life time of bad luck for junior? It's probably a good idea to give a wide birth to thoughts of making babies in 2013.

12. Global warming 'will scorch the earth'. One of Nostradamus's16th century predictions for 2013 includes "The kings shall rob the forests, the sky will open, the fields shall be burned by heat". This has been interpreted that a cartel of oil companies and foresting companies will have destroyed the world's forests which will lead to a hole in the ozone layer, exposing Earth to harmful ultraviolet radiation leading to agricultural land being laid waste. Nostradamus is often amazingly accurate in his predictions and the resulting food shortage will be bad news for the world.

13. Miscellaneous. By avoiding walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, crossing the path of a black cat, sending offensive Tweets, posting stupid Facebook messages and not putting up your 2013 calendar before the 1st of January, you may mitigate the risks of bad luck befalling you and improve your chances of having a happy 2013. Maybe.
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OK, I'm Aquarious and this is by far the worst year of my life so far. On 1/3/13 at 1:30 I was hit by an out of control car in reverse while I was standing in a group of people in a backyard. I was hit out of the backyard by a 2013 avenger. So much more but I'm tired of complaining. FEAR 13!!!!!!
by shekk (score: 0|6) 1816 days ago
I was born in the year of the snake; I think I'll just go around and bite everyone this coming year and add to the mess :) btw your link goes into a 404 error. Nice compilation, glenolp.
by Melbournefreelancer (score: 2|305) 2127 days ago
I guess if 2008 was supposed to be such a lucky year there is no reason why 2013 can't cop a bit of bad luck.
by Where I Holiday (score: 2|338) 2117 days ago
Turn off the TV & don't listen to the news. All is well, So pack up some gear and go camping with the family and enjoy each others company under the stars at night...all will be well, until you get home and put the news on again.
The motto is simple, leave the TV and the news off and enjoy life.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
by samir (score: 2|126) 2126 days ago
made me laugh
by Oxford Explorer (score: 2|655) 2121 days ago
After reading this I was hoping we could skip 2013 and move straight to 2014. Hoping someone could organise this.
by Richard Ramnac (score: 2|352) 2118 days ago
a little bit scary!
by Ms. Samantha (score: 2|362) 2120 days ago
I don't believe in unlucky 13. In Europe this number means quite the opposite.
Think 2013 will be a good year for taking calculated risks.

Long live Life!
by Di Verse (score: 1|68) 2115 days ago
What about thirteen great great things about to happen in 2013???? Star gazer
by penny (score: 0|2) 2117 days ago
true, 2008 was a lucky year. I had my first baby after 6 years of marriage and it's a boy and he was born on the 13th of September.
by cryst (score: 0|2) 1881 days ago
13 has always been a lucky number for me
by soupson (score: 2|133) 2126 days ago
Actually horoscope wise just the opposite, what really happened on Dec 21st, were some amazing planet alignments which are suppose to start impacting us in a positive way, especially by February (which funnily enough is the month of Aquarius) plus it is one of the AGES of AQUARIUS! So not sure about the Aquarius reference. But hey don't know where you got all your details from - and hopefully it was tongue in cheek- and I got my info second hand. So who know my life anyway I'm sure will be like it is every year really bad! :)
by Leanne Sampson-Bowden (score: 2|114) 2127 days ago
Hilarious. Love it
by suze. (score: 1|18) 2129 days ago
What a load of bollocks! 2013, just like any new year, will be exactly what you make of it!
by spbeef (score: 1|35) 2129 days ago
My 1st grandchild was born in jan 2013, died suddenly in june and her inquest was Friday 13th Sept,her mum(my daughter) is 30 on Friday 13th December! I cant wait for this year to be over!!!
by elain (score: 0|2) 1800 days ago
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