5 Reasons to Wake up Earlier on Mondays

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Posted 2015-05-11 by The wandererfollow
Weekends are all fun and games until Monday morning arrives, rips you out of bed and leaves you feeling like a sleep depraved mollusc creature.

So what if we turned the situation around and before evil Monday morning breaks into our house and starts jumping all over the bed leaving us stressed and frustrated, we are already up and going? Monday morning will soon realize we are no longer its victim.

Here are 5 reasons to wake up earlier on Monday mornings and start the day with a more energetic positive attitude:

1. Walk, cycle or catch public transport to work

Take your favourite route to work. This might be a picturesque street full of nice shops or fancy houses, or a luscious green park or walking trail. You can even walk past your favourite market and enjoy the movement and colours. Get moving, exercise a bit and enjoy the fresh air before you go to work.

If the weather or distance isn't helping you then you can catch the subway, train or bus and enjoy not having to drive through traffic. Read your emails on your smart phone, sketch something or write, study or read a book; options are endless.[BREAK]
2. Have a coffee with a friend

Meet with a friend before work and have a coffee/hot drink together. Seeing someone you like and enjoying their company might make it easier to digest those office vampires, plus you can discover new cool spots to hang out that might not be open later in the day.[BREAK]
3. Grocery or market shopping

Head to do your weekly shopping early. You might find there's not as many people, everything is fresh and you have more variety and choice for fruit and vegetables to make healthy meals. You can even spoil yourself and buy something nice for lunch that day.[BREAK]
4. Big breakfast

Wake up earlier to make that gourmet breakfast you have been craving; eggs Benedict, freshly made orange juice, French toast, huevos rancheros or hash browns.

If you live with someone else perhaps they can lend a hand or do the dishes afterwards, so everyone gets to enjoy a big hot breakfast.[BREAK]
5. Call or chat to someone overseas

Living away from family and friends can be difficult sometimes, specially when you're on the other side of the planet. Waking up earlier can minimize time difference so it better suits the person you are calling. They will appreciate it and you won't be missing home so much.

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