Real Humans: Episode 8 - Television Series Review

Real Humans: Episode 8 - Television Series Review


Posted 2013-01-23 by Ninifollow

Make Haste, Episode 8 in the series finally reveals and pushes to the forefront some of the key storylines that I've been eager to see get played out. Bea (Marie Robertson) was a captivating character as soon as she stepped on the scene and since her story began to mingle with Roger's (Leif Andrée) I've been curious to see where that relationship would progress to. In this episode the nature of their relationship is determined with both parties laying their cards on the table. Between Malte (Jimmy Lindström) dropping by unexpectedly, throwing a slight spanner in the works and the gaggle of rogue hubots that Roger is unknowingly housing in his own basement, the budding couple have more than enough outsider issues to put them to the test.

Another relationship that's going through a little rough patch is Therese (Camilla Larsson) and Rick's (Johannes Kuhnke). Rick continues to become even more hard-headed after his little procedure that was arranged by Therese to make him more masculine. He's becoming combative and difficult to control, something that Therese wasn't counting on considering she is his owner and he technically should be under her control. It creates a few questions and disturbances in both their minds, the fact that he is even capable of these dilemmas is disturbing in itself.

With little hope left for Leo (Andreas Wilson), Inger (Pia Halvorsen) does what she can to improve his circumstances. Even though Inger was already well aware that dealing with this case would be messy and the authorities dirty tactics would be unrelenting, she wasn't going to give up. Just how dirty the authorities would play is made evident this week. Leo's history and difficult childhood is explored again through another flashback giving us an even clearer picture of how and why certain people are intertwined. After the attack on the HubMarket Leo wasn't the only one to feel the ramifications of it. The full extent of Jonas' (Måns Nathanaelson) injuries becomes apparent and we also learn that he has a lot more to offer when it comes to dealing with the deprogrammed hubots.

The inner workings of relationships between hubots and humans is a main focus in Make Haste. Delving into the genuine emotions felt between someone real and something unreal and the question of whether it could ever really work. These humans are falling in love, fighting for justice and putting their lives on the line to protect these machines and it would leave many asking the question, why?

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