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Real Humans: Episode 7 - Television Series Review

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by Simone Lee (subscribe)
I enjoy freelance creative writing and being a Mum to my two awesome boys.
Published January 15th 2013
Is love getting in the way of the truth?
Real Humans: Episode 7 - Television Series Review

Half of the main characters in episode 7 have been blinded by love; aptly named 'Blind Love.'

Leo (Andreas Wilson) is probably thinking of Mimi (Lisette Pagler) now more than ever. Intercepted and detained by Military Intelligence, as suspected from episode 6, he has an epic battle on his hands to be set free.

He specifically calls upon defence lawyer Inger Engman (Pia Halvorsen) to represent him, knowing she's the woman who houses Mimi, otherwise known as Anita.

His mission to reach her was cut short by his continual injuries, which finally left him at the mercy of Intelligence.

In holding, Leo tells Inger the first conversation must be in private and he won't speak until this time. On leaving, she spies the same tattoo 'DE' on his forearm as Anita displays and suddenly realises there's a connection.

Inger's daughter Matilda (Natalie Minnevik) previously came to her for advice after she recovered Mimi's old system. She forewarned of the other liberated hubots that Mimi spoke of; Inger thinking they might all be reprogrammed like Anita anyway.

Intelligence' is confronted with the minimal information Inger has gathered, omitting what she knows about Anita. She tells Carl the tattooed initials are the only noteworthy item not recorded and questions him; clever girl.

This visually 'hits a raw nerve' with Carl, although he says it's not "… pertinent to the investigation." Carl, played by Peter Carlberg, is a tough character on Real Humans who takes no rubbish. Off screen he appears to be unassuming, keeping his identity fairly anonymous.

The interrogation of Leo is then stepped up. Carl sets about torturing him to 'spill his guts.' Amidst the pain another flashback is triggered; the time when Flash (Josephine Alhanko) was introduced to the Eischer family.

The images would have us believe David (Thomas W. Gabrielsson) rescued her like Leo, or released her from a robotic state through modification. I have the feeling she may bleed like Leo and not contain the blue blood of hubots.

How much does Military Intelligence know about liberated hubots? Are they largely involved?

When Inger later returns to speak to Leo alone and build her case, with the two alleged counts of murder against him, she is shut out without reason and told the 'case is closed.'

Maybe Inger is getting too close to the real probe?

She bails up Ove (Ola Wahlström) in the car park, a man who has half a conscience. He reveals to her that Intelligence is planning a full-scale autopsy for Leo in the morning. He is to be murdered.

It seems Niska (Eva Röse) isn't the only relevant party who is willing to extract the information Leo retains at any cost.

Inger makes it clear she will stop at nothing to save her client. Her determination and the feeling that hubots should be treated with fairness and equality will ensure a good fight.

At home Hans (Johan Paulsen) feels differently. Although Inger cannot disclose her work, Hans suggests they should sell Anita after her abuse. "Hubots are machines. Machines have been used for centuries," says Hans foolishly.

This has Inger ropeable and the Engman family is sworn to secrecy about Anita, until she can work out what is going on with the liberated hubots. Inger doesn't want to risk Anita being taken away, especially after her recent trouble.

Getting into the scenes of Blind Love:

Tobias & Anita

Anita is assaulted after she clocks on at 3.20 to collect Sofia (Aline Palmstierna) from school. On her way through an underpass she is stopped by four adolescent boys; one of them is Kevin (Fredrik Silbersky).

As they partially hide and attempt to rape her, Tobias (Kåre Hedebrant) nicknamed Tobbe, walks by and catches them red-handed. Kevin realises and disperses the gang.

Tobbe helps Anita home, gets her to change and stretches the truth about what has happened when Kevin phones and threatens his life.

Fuelled by feelings for Anita, Tobbe seeks his own revenge on the main offender and waits for Kevin with a baseball bat. Although these boys were once friendly neighbours, they are heading in very different directions.

Hans and Inger force the truth out of Tobbe when they see the provoking video of Anita and agree not to go to the police after much debate. They decide to arrange a meeting with Kevin and Therese (Camilla Larsson) to resolve the matter.

They could be headed for more distress, as Kevin crosses his fingers behind his back when plied for his weak apology and the promise of no further trouble.

Lennart & Solveig

Lennart is still recuperating from a heart attack, possibly due to the stress of unwanted changes in his life. Lost without Odi and forced by Vera to attend painting lessons, he couldn't seem to escape her control until now.

Solveig, his newfound companion from painting class has him smitten. Whenever he sees her, he has a smile plastered across his face like a naïve schoolboy.

But, is he blinded by excitement and passion with Solveig?

Lennart had previously thrown away her phone number after he returned from hospital and was fortunate enough that she ended up calling him; much to Vera's displeasure.

They make a shopping trip for food, where Solveig exercises her authority to order Vera around. This carries on back at home as well.

After a home-cooked dinner, too much red wine and a frolicking night, Lennart and Solveig awake to the surprise of seeing each other's faces in bed. Solveig suddenly panics about the time and makes an excuse about attending to her dog Nisse in 'double time.'

Has she got someone else at home, or other matters that she feels would turn Lennart away?

I don't think Lennart is interested in cloning himself any time soon since Solveig has arrived on the scene at least. It's nice for him to have a bit of fun again, with his wife passing away eight years ago.

Let's hope he doesn't get hurt.

Therese & Rick

Kevin may well be repulsed by hubots, after his mother Therese left his step-dad Roger (Leif Andrée) for her hubot Rick and their regular intimacy in the beginning was heard from his bedroom.

Currently Therese decides it's time to go back to work as the money is running out. She thought this would bother Rick (Johannes Kuhnke), who is growing more independent right under her nose.

Rick is told he can come to work with her at the gym, just like Bo does with Pilar. This suits him okay, but he would prefer to charge and hang out in the local supermarket.

His sexual impulsiveness is getting the better of him and he may try anything he can get his hands on. He is programmed to want more, but maybe Therese is holding back, now the relationship is more on par with a normal human connection?

He attempts to coax Flash into the toilets for a quick 'charge,' but she deflates his craving, simply saying she doesn't mix with other hubots.

Flash unfortunately runs into a little trouble when she exits the shop. Silas is waiting at the front door and tricks her into going home with him. It's there she is raped; still and expressionless.

Roger & Bea

The rogue hubots went on the run in the last episode and wound up charging in Roger's basement. They get together during the day while Roger is at work, discussing Leo's retrieval from custody.

This is short lived. He finds Bea coming up from the basement on the day he's fired from work and tells her it's a mess "don't go down there."

Roger had inflicted a brutal, frenzied attack on hubot Jago using Jorge's golf club, after being told by Maria to teach Jago his own job. The twelve months severance pay he was promised when finished is now forfeited.

His constant laziness and frustration at the hubots' existence ultimately wore him down.

He notices Bea is spending a lot of time awake at night watching television and occupying the toilet in the morning; hours in fact. Bea readily has an excuse available about the emotions of leaving her husband.

Roger opens up and reminisces about Kevin, crying in Bea's lap. On the flipside, she's not ready to reveal any candid thoughts yet. That might be favourable for him, until Malte shows up at the door.

Malte apologises for his gun toting behaviour, not completely convincing Roger who is evidently traumatised by his presence and unpredictability. He returns Roger's house keys and says he left some items to collect from making the bomb – In the basement!

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Why? The characters are either naive or guarded in episode 7
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