Reading Cinemas Charlestown

Reading Cinemas Charlestown


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Are you looking for a multiplex cinema in Newcastle to watch the latest action blockbuster, chick flick or kids comedy? Then you can't go past , located right next to the food court at the sprawling Charlestown Square shopping centre. The spacious complex has 8 cinemas to choose from and movie-goers are allowed 4 hours of free parking - just validate your ticket at a payment machine before you return to your car. Free parking means you have plenty of time to stock up on some popcorn, sink into your comfortable chair, unbutton that top button on your jeans and get swept away in the storyline with jaw-dropping surround sound.

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday?

When you first walk into the spacious foyer, the "Self-Serve" ticket machines are readily available and easy to use. Simply follow the instructions and select the movie you want to see, the session time, how many tickets you wish to purchase and then pay using your EFTPOS/ credit card. Alternatively, you can purchase your tickets online before you arrive.

Depending on the movie you want to watch, there are various session times in different theatres to choose from. For example, on our recent visit to the cinema, we went to see Hobbs & Shaw in Cinema 4, which was classed as a "Regular Cinema". It didn't have reclining seats or hot food options, but it only cost us $11 for a 10:30am weekday session - which we thought was extremely reasonable. There was a surprising amount of legroom, tiered seating, comfortable seats and digital sound - which made every explosion and car chase sound like it was right there in the theatre.

For something a little more comfortable, there are also the Premium cinemas with recliner seats and a delicious hot food menu, at approximately $14 a ticket. The next level up is the Titan Luxe cinema which is located at the start of the cinema walkway. It features a gigantic 22 metre screen, Dolby Atmos 360° immersive sound and luxury recliner seating, with tickets costing the same as the Premium cinema.

The Gold Lounge option has a fully licensed Lounge bar, luxurious reclining armchairs and an in-cinema food and beverage menu , at a cost of approximately $22 per ticket. There are 2 cinemas which are Gold Lounge. If you want to take the kids to the movies, have a romantic "date night" or watch the latest action flick with your bestie, there is something at Reading Cinema Charlestown for everyone!

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Luxe, with reclining seats, hot food menu and 22 metre screen. Image: Reading Cinema website"]

If you go to the movies regularly, also check out the online deals and events listings on their Facebook with events held almost every week of the year.

Although there are many reasons to stay at home and watch movies in the comfort of your own home, there is still something special about sitting in a dark movie theatre as the lights go down and the movie begins. You can't beat the feeling of laughing at a comedy and hearing hundreds of other people in the cinema laughing along with you. With the prices so reasonable to watch a movie at a Regular Cinema, it is the perfect winter activity, rainy day or school holiday idea. Why don't you see what's on this weekend?

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