Ramp Attak Indoor Scooter and Skate Park

Ramp Attak Indoor Scooter and Skate Park


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One of the best things about this indoor skate park is that there is nothing else like it. All the structures are made of wood which I'm told makes for a softer landing. There are a variety of ramps to suit all age levels and abilities. This facility caters for scooters, skateboards, BMX bikes and inline skaters. Best of all is that it's totally indoors so the sun is not an issue in the hot summer months.

The park is open 9am to 9 pm each day. There are a number of different sessions such as scooters only and under 12's. The whole list can be found on the website . During the school holidays there are additional sessions for under 12's. These are great for the younger riders or first timers to gain confidence and experience. It can get pretty busy at times, especially in the school holidays, so if it's your first visit you might want to take advantage of the 3 to 6pm timeslot which tends to be quieter.

Admission is $13.50 (or $11 for members) which allows you to ride for the whole session. Annual membership fee is $30. This includes your first entry and gives benefits such as not having to wait in the queue and 5% discount on shop items and events.

The shop has a good range of scooters, skateboards and accessories. I purchased a scooter for each of my boys and was really happy with the advice and service provided. I took one of the scooters back the other day as we had noticed a noise and they checked it out and adjusted the back wheel for nothing. There are also snacks, drinks and most importantly coffee available.

We first went to Ramp Attak for a 7 year old friend's birthday party. There was a mixture of boys and girls from pre-schoolers to teens and all the kids enjoyed themselves. You supply the food and drinks and they supply the venue. This makes for a lower cost party than some of the other venues around.

There are lessons for both skateboards and scooters and a residential camp during the school holidays. There is plenty of parking and seating for parents both inside and out. You can even sit so that you can see your kids doing their stuff on the ramps.

If you are looking for something fun, cheap and active for the school holidays give Ramp Attak a try.

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